• Debating the death penalty: An exercise in impotence or futility?

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    Above, the execution chamber at HM Prison, Strangeways, Manchester.

    It appears, thanks to the interest shown by members of the British public that the business leaders if the House of Commons will schedule a debate on the restoration of the death penalty in the not too far distant future.

    The result is of course a foregone conclusion. The result: the death penalty will not be restored. This will be for the following reasons:

    1. Most MPs are opposed.
    2. Not having the death penalty as a punishment for ANY crime however heinous is now a condition of the European Convention of Human Rights and adherence to these terms is a requirement of the Treaty of Lisbon. Therefore, whilst the country remains (unlawfully) bound by this treaty, no restoration can take place.
    3. The three major parties are all opposed to the UK leaving the European Union.

    • It would appear that the Government is attempting to distract us with yet another gimmick.
      For the reasons, already stated, I wholly agree with the conclusion, nothing will change.

      So, why then are we being distracted, and for what reason?

      The greenhouse gas theory has been scientifically trashed, yet the Government is determined to force up energy prices, using the criminal fraud, of ‘green taxes’.

      Meanwhile, the EU has told Germany that it must be much more robust in its wealth redistribution program, and funnel more of its taxes to the crumbling economies of member states. Britain, while retaining membership of the notorious International Monetary Fund, another communist plank, will be forced to spend billions of pounds propping up these countries too.

      But, they see a sanctuary awaiting just three-years away, the first day of November 2014, the date the EU officially take power from our Parliament.

      Distraction, distraction, cheap booze, drugs, licentiousness and unaccountability, and TV soaps. Fluoride to the water to deaden the brain, enmesh students in debt, to stifle rebellion. Family units, religion, and tradition scorned.
      Marxism flourished under many different names: Conservative, Labour, Liberals, Green Party etc but their ‘common purpose’ is the same – to bend us to do their will.

      Where have all the English heroes gone?

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