• Gordon (Goldfinger) Brown: The man who went out of gold when the smart money was moving in.


    WARNING: Today’s article contains contents likely to raise the blood pressure of UK Taxpayers to dangerous levels! Those who have blood pressure pills – take them before reading further!

    In these times of financial turbulence, British Gazette readers will be painfully aware that our dearly beloved former leader, Gordon Brown, sold about 395 tons of the UK’s gold reserves over 17 auctions from July 1999 to March 2002, at an average price of about US$275 per ounce, raising approximately three and a half billion dollars. Today the price stood at US$1,750 per ounce – which means that the gold would now be worth twenty two and a quarter billion dollars.

    You might be interested to know that Gordon Brown will be receiving a very generous pension when he finally decides to cease being an MP. Not exactly performance related pay!

    • Hi Jack, we will never agree on this I suspect. However, in some measure you make my point that such comments damage the Gazette in that the supporters, were they all to agree with the comment, would be seen as nutters from the margins of society! It is simply not credible to expect that a politician risks hanging because of his incompetence no matter how treasonous his actions. Can you not see that such thoughts make us look like right wing nutters devoid of any practical solutions to the problems which we face?
      I do not write this in any aggressive style, I am merely desperate to try to see that the Gazette gets the consideration and influence which it rightly deserves.


    • Steve,

      Tony is not calling for Brown’s murder – he is calling for the traditional penalty for High Treason – hanging. Lest we forget: Brown’s treason is (along with his co-conspirator, David Miliband) uniquely serious. Not since the Warrant for the Execution of King Charles I has there been such a case: Brown and Miliband signed the Treaty of Lisbon and were the ringleaders in obtaining the ratification of this treaty. Since this gives the EU a legal personality it has the effect of formally transferring the government of the country from Westminster to Brussels – in other words – De Facto now has become De Jure.

      As for your criticism of the Editor, I would suggest that the Editor has done the right thing: Comments are supposed to create discussion. It would be wrong of the Editor to act as censor to have only certain views published.

    • Tony, you usually comment in a style I support, however, this latest risks damaging support for the direction of the Gazette in my view. Democracy gives the right to such as Brown to decimate the pensions etc as he certainly did. It surely does not give us the right to counter this with anything other than argument and the ballot box. Seriously , I wish that last suggestion were not printed in “my” Gazette and in this I am disappointed that Peter should have seen fit to reproduce it. It is simply not worthy either of you or this fine publication.

    • Was this the same Gordon Brown, who claims to to be a world financial Guru, and managed to decimate our pension schemes?

      The man who betrayed his oath and his country does not deserve a pension, a rope stretched neck would be more just.

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