• The shape of things to come: Lady MP’s take note!

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    Above is fellow Leeds resident, the delightful Nell McAndrew. Click on image for full size. It seems according to researchers at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen that this is how all ladies MUST appear in future.

    To all our lady MPs: Take note.

    Why? To stop endangering the planet of course!

    It seems these useless academics have been squandering your money Dear Reader and Taxpayer on coming to the blindingly obvious conclusion that the larger a human being is – the more oxygen they have to breath in and consequently the more CO2 they exhale! It is of course not the breathing in of oxygen these dimwits are bothered about… it is of course the CO2 they exhale. They have calculated that if every obese and overweight person in the world lost 1 stone and 8 pounds, the resulting drop in greenhouse emissions would be the equivalent of 0.2% of the CO(2) emitted globally (by human activity) in 2007.

    They state: “While the reality is that global weight loss of this magnitude is unlikely to happen anytime soon, it is clear that working towards this reduction could help meet the CO2 emission reduction targets and be of a great benefit to global health. It also makes the point that by improving our own health we can play a part in improving the health of our planet.”

    British Gazette Comment #1: SO WHAT!

    British Gazette Comment #2: If green politics means that all our lady politicians will end up looking like the lovely Nell, bring it on!

    British Gazette Comment #3: On a serious note, this piece of warmist idiocy possesses an underlying insidiousness. We have seen how the PC brigade have targeted various groups they deem unacceptable. Apart from patriots and those who would wish to attest traditional Christian values, their targets have been those who smoke, who drink and who eat (in their opinion) too much. Now they appear to have another justification – “the health of the planet.”

    This of course is the danger: whilst many will argue that an individual has the right to harm themselves (although that is now in dispute – e.g. seat belt legislation) they do not have the right to harm others. So it seems that the warmists have now concluded that by endangering their own health by eating too much, they are endangering the welfare of others – including of course those cuddly creatures, the dearly beloved polar bears!

    • These dimwits, or should I say anthropogenic global warming propagandists, have to resort to fantasy, because that;’s the foundation the theory of man made global warming is based on – fantasy.

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