• Exterminate! Exterminate! Daleks to save Earth by exterminating humanity!


    Above, a group of Daleks – beware, they are green on the inside!

    Yesterday, the British Gazette reported upon the Warmists declaring that human obesity is a threat to the planet. Our commentary included a “tongue in cheek” response including the mention of our fellow Leeds resident, the delightful Nell McAndrew.

    We had assumed that this piece of idiocy complied by the academics at Robert Gordon University at Aberdeen must have qualified for the Order of the Wooden Spoon for Stupidity.

    It seems however our friends on the other side of the pond could not allow we Brits to hold this particular prize for long, and in the traditional spirit of transatlantic competition felt they, “….had to outdo the Limey’s……”

    Well they most certainly have succeeded:

    A certain Shawn Domagal-Goldman and his colleagues at Pennsylvania State University have produced a report which states upon other things; “……. Green” aliens might object to the environmental damage humans have caused on Earth and wipe us out to save the planet. This scenario gives us reason to limit our growth and reduce our impact on global ecosystems. It would be particularly important for us to limit our emissions of greenhouse gases, since atmospheric composition can be observed from other planets……”

    British Gazette comment: Presumably this is why they are called, “little green men” – and we thought it had something to do with skin colour! How racist is that! Words fail us!

    • Part of on ongoing correspondence with the inmates at DECC:

      3 Whitehall Place
      SW1A 2AW

      16th August 2011
      Your ref: TO2011/13073/JF

      Dear Mr Fulton, Mr Valentine etc,

      It seems I am engaged in correspondence with employees of a lunatic asylum whose inmates seem to have taken over their institution.

      If your masters truly believe that ‘climate change’ – by which I must assume is meant so-called man-made climate change – is ‘one of the gravest threats we face’, then I can come to no other conclusion. They are clearly mad. As Swift observed, “It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.” However some effort must be made.

      Climate change is a natural phenomenon which will continue fluctuating either warmer or cooler quite independently of human activity, as it always has done. Only idiots could possibly think otherwise.

      More CO2 does not contribute an iota to any warming. Less CO2, however, contributes to mass starvation. Attempting to reduce CO2 is, in effect, to attempt a form of genocide on the very poorest on the planet. On your heads be it.

      Another sample of lunacy is your statement:

      “The headline message was that energy and climate change policies would add 1% to the average household energy bill in 2020 compared with a bill in 2020 in the absence of these policies.”

      Until this hopeful date of 2020 fuel bills will presumably have risen by 20% per annum (a conservative estimate of the current rate of increase due entirely to obscenely immoral ROs, FITs and green taxes on petrol and diesel – the raw price of oil and gas is falling not rising) leading to fuels bills in 2019 being 400% higher than today. If there is only an increase of 1% extra in 2020 then I suppose those who have not frozen to death might express a sense of relief. With falling incomes, due to government debt and wasting money on ’stopping climate change’ (currently costing us £20 billion per annum – Treasury figures), a good half of the population (the poorest half) will have stopped using electricity and gas altogether as being totally unaffordable.

      What your ill-named department should be doing, and quickly, is building more gas and coal fired power stations. Too late for nuclear now as we have lost the skills needed in this country. No money should be wasted on sequestering CO2 as nature does it far quicker and more efficiently – it’s called photosynthesis*: a process which also happens to involve a far more efficient solar energy collection system that mankind has yet devised, which has all kinds of added bonuses, such as flowers, trees, food, animals and birds (well, at least those that survive the windfarms or ‘bird processors’ as they are known in the trade).

      Maybe with a change in minister likely in the near future – with the current incumbent probably about to spend a little time away at her Majesty’s pleasure – you might get someone who knows something about energy (and climate), but I’m not holding my breath.

      Yours sincerely,
      Philip Foster

      *The IPCC makes the ridiculous assertion that residence time for CO2 in the atmosphere is 100 years. Not a single scientific paper supports this absurd figure. Studies show a spread of RTs of between 2-10 years.

    • Tony,

      You are right… It appears that the lunatics have well and truly taken over the asylum – as the UK heads towards power cuts we have the lunatics Cameron and Clegg putting their hope in wind turbines erected in the middle of the Irish Sea. No way can they build enough to replace the power stations that are going to close soon. I get it! They’ll blame the power cuts on aliens! Expect lots of UFO sightings when the lights go out!

    • Inside which lunatic asylum is their university located, Bugs Bunny’s Loony Tunes?

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