• You don’t have to believe in [anthropogenic climate change] to work here…… But it helps?

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    We are indebted to “Dave” – a Canadian Citizen who does not wish to be further identified – for this revealing comment:

    I had to go up to London today to renew my Canadian passport.

    On the way back, by chance, I passed in front of the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

    Outside was a civil servant in shirt sleeves, smoking.

    I suggested that this would only add to the global warming problem.

    His response:

    “You don’t have to believe in that tosh to work here.”

    • Wind turbines benefit mankind, as SamCam’s dad, our beloved leader’s father-in-law, who has eight of them on his land, earning him £350,000 per year in renewable energy subsidies, will testify.
      The global warming [redacted], I admit, know how to keep the benefits in the family.

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