• Some examples of extreme stupidity: David Cameron, take note.

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    - Going dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan to the Notting Hill Carnival.
    - Going dressed as a SS Standartenführer to Yad Vashem.
    - Openly eating a bacon sandwich in Mecca during the Haj whilst very obviously drunk (and if you are a woman, being stark naked at the same time!)
    - Infuriating the poor by increasing their electricity bills to pay for electrical generators (wind turbines) that don’t work but make huge amounts of money for the Fat Cats in the City of London.
    - Infuriating the poor even more by paying the Fat Cats in the City of London twice for electricity generated by their photoelectric panels on the roofs of their houses in the stockbroker belt and finding the money to pay these Fat Cats from the poor by increasing their electricity bills even more.
    - Set up the true successor to the South Sea Island Company (which went spectacularly bust in 1721- one wonders if the carbon trading bubble will burst in 2021; the tercentenary of the bubble bursting) by setting up a “carbon offset trading scheme” which sells pieces of paper called carbon credits in the same was as the Popes sold indulgences – with precisely the same end result – make money for the authority issuing the paper but absolutely no difference to humanity or Planet Earth.

    There is an apt proverb: Those whom the Gods wish to destroy; they first make mad.

    • So, UKIP takes votes away from the Tories. And British Freedom takes votes away from UKIP. Which means that, under Britain’s first-past-the-post system, the ones with the most to celearbte are Labour and the Lib Dems?Yeah, “great news”… if you’re a leftist, liberal or Islamist!

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