• L’ dénouement de l’Union Européenne? Europe : The beginning of the end?


    Today’s Daily Mail is reporting on an estimated 50 Labour MPs combining with the new group of 120 Conservative MPs are now seeking the withdrawl of the UK from the EU.

    The British Gazette’s comment would be: Not Before Time! This organ is however cautious and wary of these moves as we are of the opinion that there will be within this number those who will seek to “renegotiate a new relationship.” This of course can mean one of two things:

    What it should mean – that is if our elected representatives now wish to OBEY THE LAW – is that Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland should negotiate a relationship with the remnant of the EU that will remain post crash that is the same sort of relationship it has with other sovereign states.

    What it must not mean is that the country should continue to have any suzerain relationship with the post crash entity. That this country will no longer have laws imposed upon it – even if those laws may have the support of the government of the day (this for the obvious reason that EU Directives liked by a government of one political colour may be hated by a future government of another political colour, this government being unable to undo its predecessor’s commitment).

    The British Gazette remains to be convinced that these Johnnies Come Lately are really what they say they are.

    The British Gazette is of the opinion that many may simply want to renegotiate the UK’s terms of membership of the EU.

    Unfortunately, nearly four decades of suzerainty to the EU has inculcated in our political class a subservient culture. These MPs automatically and instinctively look to Europe. Many think in terms not of proposing laws by putting Bills before the House of Commons but raising the issue with the European Commission to have the proposals legislated in the form of an EU Directive.

    The difference in legality of these two routes is obvious. It is like comparing a person invited into one’s house as a guest and an uninvited burglar. The first person should leave on friendly terms. The other ought to leave in handcuffs.

    What this country needs are elected representatives who really believe and accept that they are there to legislate for this country and not to act as representatives to and for an Imperial overlord.

    The British Gazette is of the opinion that these Johnnies Come Lately lack the resolve necessary to conclude such a negotiation. We think that they will buckle under pressure.

    Be in no doubt Dear Reader, that this pressure will be intense and excoriating and will come from several directions. It will of course come from Europe. They will be accused of being “bad Europeans.” French and German politicians will react extremely aggressively with doom laden statements along the lines of “….the UK has no future outside Europe…..” Then of course there will be the Quisling Party aka the Liberal Democrats. These nauseating and simpering Europhiles will bleat on and on about “…….the dreadful damage these Eurosceptics are doing to Britain…..”

    The biggest enemy will however be the BBC and the whole coterie of the Europhile chattering classes. You see the one thing these Johnnies Come Lately fear most is being labelled an extremist. They fear being linked to such as Mr Nick Griffin. Now of course these MPs have no link with Mr Griffin – apart from the obvious that Mr Griffin is a human being and so are they.

    Be in no doubt, Dear Reader of the danger and the threat the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat poses to restoring lawful government in these islands. It is a huge, independently financed bastion of Green Europhile political correctness. It will not stand idly by and watch is beloved entity – the European Union – be destroyed and do and say nothing.

    Our problem Dear Reader is the vast majority of the British Public have great faith in the veracity of the BBC even though they (correctly) have little or no faith in their elected representatives.

    • I share your scepticism over their true intentions, I suspect it is yet another diversion, a delaying tactic, to cause those of us demanding immediate action, to pause, while the sedition of their fellows, contunes unchecked.

      Lawfully we are not members of the EU, for that could only happen through High Treason.

      All EU laws, diktats, rules and regulations, can never be imposed upon us, lawfully, and unlawful actions can never be enforced, except by traitors, liars, and thieves, such as Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg and their fellow conspirators.

      Blair abolished the death penalty for treason. I have taken it upon myself, and on behalf of my fellow countrymen, to campaign to have the ban revoked.

      We hanged traitors in Britain.

    • I have decided that the EU ‘technocracy’ is an ‘idiocracy’ from the Greek words ‘idiotes’ = idiot and kratos = rule, ie rule by idiots.

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