• Polygamy in Britain: Sanctioned by the State and supported by the Taxpayer (that means you).


    Above: From left to right; My wives one to six: CLICK on image for full size.

    Readers comment: Yeh, right…. In your dreams!

    For the past few months, various political and economic commentators (including this organ) have been warning about the forthcoming crisis in the Eurozone. It is now not a case of “IF” it is now a case of “WHEN” the Eurozone collapses.

    Today’s article is a commentary on an article in today’s Daily Mail about the scale of polygamy in the UK, a hypertext link to which is at the bottom of this article.

    The columnist Sue Reid draws the Reader’s attention to the large scale practise of Muslim men (generally of Pakistani ancestry) taking more than one wife – in many cases up to six and siring many children by them.

    These wives and their many children are supported by the taxpayer with the provision of multiple homes and state benefits including income support, housing benefit, free school meals (for the children).

    This is because when a Muslim man takes a second wife he marries her in an Islamic ceremony that is not recorded as a marriage under English or Scottish law.

    These women in fact are classed as single mothers and as such qualify for the aforementioned state support including housing benefit. Generally speaking the Muslim man has his own accommodation (rented or owner occupier) and will share this with the first wife. Second and subsequent wives have their own accommodation (provided by the state as this accommodation is rented – often from members of the man’s family or other members of the Muslim community) and a plethora of state benefits to enable them to bring up the children they subsequently bear. This means that in addition to paying for the additional wives, the taxpayer also provides an income for the many “buy to let” schemes that are set up through Islamic bank loans.

    Many of these Muslim men are taxi and mini cab drivers and some might wonder to what extent are the incomes of these men being taxed. The British Gazette will of course assume that a full account of all fares and tips is made to HM Revenue and Customs in all cases.

    These women are brought from Muslim countries across the world but Turkey and Morcocco seem to be favourites due to easy access via car (there is a ferry service to and from Spain). There are it seems many poor families in these countries only too happy to have a daughter married off to a British Citizen who is able to provide their daughter her own house and her own income. The girls fathers out of a sense of family honour and pride will in some cases provide a dowry with the girl, which will pay for the trip!

    This of course helps explain the rising birth rate in the UK. The UK stands apart from some (not all) other Western European developed nations (who have stagnant or declining birth rates). This is because the decline in the size of what is sometimes called “the indigenous population” (meaning those persons whose ancestors in 1837 were recoded in the Birth, Deaths and Marriage registers in this country) is more than offset by the rapid increase in the size of the Muslim population in this country.

    This demographic trend, if continued, will cause social and political problems in the future. There is little integration of the Muslim and “indigenous” communities. Furthermore these Muslim communities are concentrated in certain areas. By the middle of this century (2050) – if current trends continue – we are likely to see the breakup of England into separate autonomous states.

    • Blair introduced the ‘Marxist’ mass immigration ploy, used so successfully by China, to disenfranchise Tibetans, from their culture, history and religion, to Britain, mainly England.
      Of course the culture, history and traditions of the immigrants are rigidly protected by legislation, while the Lawful and unassailable rights of the English to protect attacks upon their own customs, culture, religion and traditions, are trampled underfoot.
      Which, is why Human Rights Judges wear wigs, to hide the ‘F**K the English!’ slogan, tattooed on their heads.

    • “Your democracy will give us power”…these words spoken to me by a very articulate, intelligent young Muslim several years ago. “Britain will be an Islamic state in 20 years”….or so he claimed…..”through the ballot box”. I think he could be correct.

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