• Don’t let’s be beastly to the Germans.

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    Many years have now passed since Noel Coward penned his satirical lyrics. Those who were the butt of the entertainer’s sarcasm however were those who realised that the excessively onerous terms of the reparations imposed upon Germany in 1919 were IN PART the cause of the Second World War. These persons were hoping to avoid another war and following the Second World War these persons saw to it that such a policy (of assisting Germany recover and not punishing her) was followed, the results we see today.

    Today’s Germany is very much a curate’s egg – good in parts.

    Today, as we see the Euro in its death throws, to be followed afterwards by the European Union itself, we see the grand design of Jean Monet to build a European superstate around a Franco-German axis collapsing in ruins.

    Many Eurorealists will of course greet this development with joy as a collapse of the European Union will cause lawful sovereign government to be restored in this United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Such happiness will however have to be tempered by the salutary experience of the great depression that will follow. The biggest “downside” however could be a Germany changed for the worse. The danger here is that the present Europhile political elite will try and keep the Euro and the European Union in existence. This will mean the German Europhiles gambling with as much as two trillion (that is two million million) Euros of their taxpayer’s money. Large and prosperous as the German economy and nation is, to loose this amount of money will be an economic and political catastrophe. The consequences for the German body politic will be dire – and very very worrying.

    Should the German Europhiles persist in their disastrous policy and not come to the conclusion, VERY SOON that the Euro and the European Union are doomed then they are going to beggar Germany. As a result some very nasty worms are going to come out of the woodwork.

    Germany’s best option is to “call time” and spend what money is necessary on bailing out her banks (and this will be a prodigious sum). This will bring about a collpase of the Euro and the European Union but it will enable Germany to survive with her finances intact.

    The tragedy of all this is that Jean Monet’s dream could have worked and this awful mess need not have happened. The death knell to Monet’s dream occurred when Charles De Gaul took that fateful decision to reverse his policy so far as the UK entering what was then the European Community. This as has been explained in our article of “Bonfire of the Vanities: Europhile and US State Department dreams” of 25th September, was due to the desire of the US State department to frustrate Monet’s plan as they saw (correctly) that a Federal Union of Europe comprised of the original six members (possibly to be joined by Austria following the collapse of the USSR) would challenge US dominance in Western Europe and NATO.

    It is therefore imperative that Germans realise that their government has set a course that will end in ruination for Germany.

    • If the German Government follows our own Government’s lead, they will instruct Google to bar access to videos of dissent, published on You Tube. Britain has banned more anti-Government Videos, than any other country, including China and the USSR.

      As for the main media, the mere threat of losing Government advertising revenue, coupled with the threat of exclusion fro press briefings, will keep then in line too.

      Have you seen any reports on the fact that bank loans are fraudulent and violated both the Property Act of 1925 and also universal contract law, and therefore invalid?

      No, that’s left to the web, until America gets its way, and bans online access to dissent too.

      The first item of contention listed on the first statement from Occupy Wall street is:
      “They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.”
      I have yet to see their full statement published by our media, I suppose I had best get busy.

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