• Euromillions Draw Number 422: £101,203,601 – 1 UK winner.


    Late in the night of Friday 7th October, 2011, Machine 1 and Ball set E1 made one UK ticket holder £101,203,601 richer.
    Be assured the British tabloid press are on the winner’s trail.

    The British Gazette repeats its advice to the winner: to accept publicity and the inevitable “fifteen minutes of fame” to quote Andy Warhol. To do otherwise is to live a life of deception, from their family and friends.

    If the winner has school age children or school age grandchildren, they must surely realise the impossibility of keeping this news secret, unless the children are not told, which more than likely will mean not thelling their mother. The only way to do this in the case of school age grandchildren is not to tell their parents.

    These simple examples show the extent of the deception needed to remain anonymous.

    Is it really worth it?

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