• Angela and Dave Dawes: a very happy and sensible couple.

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    The British Gazette congratulates Angela and Dave Dawes on their extraordinary good fortune at scooping the entire jackpot of £101,293,600.70 pence on Euromillions Draw Number 422 of 7th October.

    This organ is particularly heartened that Angela and Dave have the same view so far as accepting the “fifteen minutes of fame” by “going public.” During the interview, part of which is contained in the YouTube clip above, it was revealed that both Angela and Dave have had previous relationships and both have children from those relationships. Clearly, this illustrates exactly what we stated in our earlier commentary about the massive win. Sensibly, the couple have stated that they are going to make several of their family and friends millionaires.

    Angela and Dave are clearly typical members of the British Public who have not got involved in politics, are not “celebrities” and are in no way notorious. We now hope the media will allow Angela and Dave to get on in peace with their lives that have been so radically transformed.

    • Hmmm! I share the sentiment, and am surprised at the media frenzy, which totally ignored the news that 98 out of the 100 top British Companies listed on the FTSE index, including ‘our’ Royal bank of Scotland, are registered in foreign tax havens and escape paying Britain an estimated, £181bn pounds per year.
      (Source: Sky News.)
      The taxpayers were forced to loan the RBS, which avoids paying British taxes, £32bn?
      Protestors, please write to the Government:
      Fraudsters ‘R’ Us (Turks & Caicos) Ltd.
      C/O Prime Minister & First Lord Of the Treasury
      10 Downing Street, (aka Swindlers Walk)
      SW1A 2AA

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