• Chris Huhne: the Biggest Fool in Christendom?

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    Back in the days when monarchs held the reigns of executive power, King James I earned the unfortunate sobriquet, “The Wisest Fool in Christendom” on account of some foolish decisions made by an educated and intelligent man.

    Our dearly beloved Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne may very well halt the exploitation of this country’s vast Shale Gas reserves on account of two minor earth tremors. This is notwithstanding Seismologist Brian Baptie’s statement:
    “These are still very small earthquakes, even by UK standards and won’t cause any damage, if fracking continued I couldn’t see the tremors getting much bigger.”

    Mr Huhne seems set to pull the plug on Shale Gas.

    If he does, the sheer scale of this man’s idiocy beggars belief. The idea of abandoning a new energy resource that makes this country self sufficient in gas supplies due to tremors that cause no damage proves beyond all reasonable doubt, that if Huhne calls time on UK Shale Gas then he must receive the sobriquet, “The Biggest Fool in Christendom.”

    The sense of incredulity of course for the British Gazette is heightened for we are proudly located in the West Riding of Yorkshire, not too far away from the coalfields. Here in the West Riding, mining subsidence was a fact of life. It was dealt with. Mining subsidence did cause damage. It was attended to. Shale Gas exploitation causes minor earth tremors that cause no damage.

    Of course, what we are doing here is to ascribe common sense and logic to a mind that appears to be totally lacking in these vital capacities. The mind of Mr Huhne it seems is driven by his obsession to reduce the output of that well known planet destroying hazardous gas, CO2! This will it seems lead Huhne into abandoning the Shale Gas resources and instead concentrate on “renewables.”

    The British Gazette can report that electrical power will still be generated in the North West of England however. This is because these renewables will include the photovoltaic panels on the roofs of numerous mansions in Alderley Edge belonging to several Premier League footballers. That’s all right then!

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