• Never attempt to murder a man who is committing suicide.

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    The title of today’s article is a famous quote of Thomas Woodrow Wilson (28th December, 1856 – 3rd February, 1924), the 28th President of the United States of America, from 1913 to 1921.

    Our American friends and allies possess a great talent for producing pithy “one liners” such as the one above. The reason why we have chosen to publish this quote is due to a debate that is beginning amongst the Eurosceptic community about the future of the EU and also the other debate now taking place on the whole issue of “climate change.”

    Last night the BBC broadcast – on Radio 4 – a half hour political analysis on the growth of Eurosceptic concerns in the Conservative and Labour parties. Discussed was the possibility of an “in-out” referendum on the EU. Various Eurorealists are calling for just this. The Rt. Hon. The Lord Lamont however counselled against this course of action when interviewed for the aforementioned programme. He (correctly) stated that the British people would likely vote to remain in the EU as they would have been scared off voting for withdrawl by “big business.” We would add that “big business” would be joined by the whole of the Europhile political establishment and of course assisted by the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat.

    The fact of the matter is this: the British People on the whole do not like the EU. They however are very susceptible to claims that withdrawl [of the UK from the EU] would result in economic disaster. Because of this, the British Gazette does not at this time advocate such a referendum. This brings us to President Wilson’s famous quote.

    Obviously, the President was not calling for the murder of his political opponents. What he meant was this: that if one observed one’s political opponent engaged on a course that was certain to lead to his defeat, the sensible thing to do was to stand aside, do not interfere and let him commit political suicide.

    This is the tactic we Eurorealists and Climate Realists should employ now. It is clear that the Eurozone and the EU are heading for ultimate collapse. What is also clear is that the present lunatic policies being pursued by this government in relation to the reliance on wind turbines for British electrical generating capacity are bound to lead to disaster.

    Put brutally: when the power cuts come [and come they now will] the present fraud of climate change will be exposed. The British People have long been accustomed to switching on an electric light or TV and witnessing the item come to life. The last power cuts were during the miners strike of 1974 – in 2014 (when the power cuts will be upon us) that will be forty years past. The British People may well pay lip service to reducing their “carbon footprints” but when the chips are not being micro-waved voters concerns about their CO2 emissions will go out of the window.

    Of course, Mr Huhne has a plan. It is this: Import electricity from France! This is why this idiot is seeing to it that a new high capacity DC link is being constructed. The problem with this is that Germany will also be wishing to purchase French power as they are determined to close their nuclear plants. The other problem for Mr Huhne is that he has to face the opponent that faced Napoleon and Hitler – General Winter.

    You see, it appears that Planet Earth is not behaving the way Mr Huhne expects. Instead of getting warmer, the planet may be getting colder! It is predicted that the UK is in for a series of severe winters. The brutal truth is this – the UK’s shortfall (in power generation) will exceed the capacity of its links (new and existing) to France. The power cuts will come at the worst time – for both the British People and Mr Huhne – in the bleak mid winter – when frosty wind will make all Mr Huhne’s constituents moan.

    Think of it: No lights. No microwave dinners. No TV. No Play Station. No X Box. No internet. No HiFi. That is quite apart from “Nan” lying dead from hypothermia in her council flat. Worse still, when the poor people on the housing estates see the electricity on in the homes of the rich – due to their ability to afford their own diesel generator sets – the political Death Warrants will have been signed for Mr Huhne and his ilk.

    For a new Climate Realist government to deal effectively with the power shortage all targets vis-à-vis CO2 emission reductions will have to be torn up. This of course will be in direct contravention to EU Directives and policy. This will force any such government to choose: Embark upon a programme to restore self sufficiency in power generating capacity to the UK or remain in the EU. The choice will be that stark. That is if the EU still exists in 2014 – which is open to question.

    • Nothing our government does would surprise me, they really are a rotten bunch of crooks.

      Take the Inland Revenue’s latest wheeze; they are having websites like ours valued, and attempting to treat THEIR valuation of your website as income, taxable income. If it has a value it is income, they claim.
      In my own case, being unable to open zipped files, I have requested that their claim be sent to me by registered post. It must also show proof of contract.
      Once I have received their valuation, of my website, I will sell it to them for 50% of their valuation.
      I have a house, so the Inland Revenue’s logic dictates that it must also be treated as income, along with my car, computer and Koi carp.
      This country is run by thieves, sue me and be damned!

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