• Viscount Monckton: Canadian TV interview.

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    Above is a YouTube video of the 15 minute interview conducted by Canadian TV with Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley. Lord Monckton has a very creditable record of “Speaking the Truth unto the Nation” so far as the climate change scam is concerned.

    Of course, the Great British Public do not get to see and hear him on the TV. The Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat sees to that!

    Rather than repeat our previous mantra about how biased the BBC is on the subject – the Editor of this organ is getting increasingly bored with this – we would draw your attention Dear Reader to the forthcoming “shock” which will be experienced by the Great British Public in the not too distant future.

    This is because whilst the BBC reigns supreme and unchallenged in its own bailiwick that is the formerly independent state known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the publics of other countries such as Canada and the USA are exposed to the message that such as Lord Monckton are so rightly getting across.

    This of course means that the British People will be experiencing something that will be akin to the experience of peoples in other countries that have rid themselves of a totalitarian regime: all of a sudden the people have free and unrestricted access to the media and they have an independent and unbiased broadcaster telling them the truth. It is quite liberating!

    The unstoppable forces of nature are increasingly proving that that the climate change scam is a scam. Whilst the BBC is successful in preventing this from being known amongst the majority British Public, it cannot prevent the truth from reaching the eyes and ears of the Canadian people and others.

    There is of course a very great motivation for the BBC bosses and other members of the establishment from preventing the truth from being told: Money.

    It is a fact that much of the BBC pension fund – and the pension funds of other institutions and organisations – have been invested in “green projects” such as wind farms. Once the climate change scam is exposed these investments will be worth very little. The longer this scam goes on and the more money is invested in “green projects” the worse the effects will be.

    This is why the British Gazette likens the climate change scam with another famous fraud: The South Sea Company and its crash in 1721. At one point shortly before the bubble burst shares were being traded for £1,000 a share! In 1721! The result of the bubble burst was an economic catastrophe. This of course was following the collapse of the Darien scheme a couple of decades earlier which so badly affected Scotland and was one of the main drivers behind the Act of Union of 1707.

    This just goes to show: human beings do not learn from the mistakes of previous generations.

    • As our Government, via the climate change fantasist, Chris Huhne, label dissenters, such as myself, as the equivalent of holocaust or climate change deniers, I have a label of my own for him and his ilk.

      Chris Huhne is a Climate Change Science Denier, all genuine independent scientific studies into anthropogenic influence on climate, can find no evidence of it, except for doctored data, and rhetoric.

      As for the Greenhouse Gas Theory, that was soundly refuted, scientifically in July 2011.as reported in this organ: The Model Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect, by Joseph E. Postma Msc. published in, Principia Scientific, leaving the IPPC, NASA, Al Gore, and Chris Huhne, with nowhere to hide.

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