• Global Warming: the subtle propaganda.


    Above is the actress Sarah Alexander who plays the character Theresa Vestry on ITV’s “The Jury” that has been running at 9:00PM this week (weekdays).

    There is an interesting vignette in last night’s episode:

    One of the jurors is having to personate her boss, Theresa Vestry who couldn’t be bothered to do jury duty as she was busy clinching a big deal over her business. We are given the strong impression that the boss is very self-centred and greedy.

    Yesterday the personatrix was trying to get the views of her boss in order to try and “vote” as her boss would do at the trial.

    She asks her boss four “test” questions to assess her morality:

    1. “Global Warming: myth or reality?” Boss answers (after prevarication) – “Myth”.
    2. “USA, world leader or world scourge?” Boss answers – “Leader”.
    3. “Should doctors assist suicide on compassionate grounds? Yes or No?” Boss answers: “No.”

    Assistant says, “You have scored zero.”

    This is a clear case of subtle propaganda.

    • I understand that they, the Government, regard favourably any method of brainwashing the public into accepting what they are told as being fact.
      Subliminal images are already being used on tev and in films, or so I am told, though I have yet to see the proof.

    • Propaganda, Brain washing………. PC, BBC.

      Need one say more?

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