• The Climate Change Act Reconsidered – a meeting held in the Palace of Westminster.

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    On Wednesday 30th Nov 2011, between 1pm and 4pm there was a very excellent meeting held in Committee Room 14 within the walls of the Palace of Westminster. Entitled “The Climate Change Act -Reconsidered” A video of the meeting, in two parts is above.

    It was a presentation aimed at MPs and their researchers on the actual realities about the planet’s climate and an attempt to educate those whop govern us that CO2 is not the danger or the problem that they have been led to believe it is.

    The meeting was chaired by Dr Philip Stott, Professor emeritus of biogeography at the University of London, and past Editor-in Chief of the international Journal of Biogeography. Those presenting the facts were:

    The Revd. Philip Foster – Welcome and introductory remarks, books etc.
    Prof Ian Plimer – Australia‘s best-known geologist and author of ‘Heaven and Earth, Global warming: the missing science’ and ‘How to get expelled from School: a guide to climate change for pupils parents and punters.’
    Donna Laframboise, journalist and author of ‘The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for the world‘s top climate expert’ – an in depth investigation into the IPCC. available via her website: www.noconsensus.org
    James Dent, Meteorologist & Hydrologist, ‘Extreme seasons in terms of temperature and rainfall in East Anglia since 1910′. A brief presentation.
    Ruth Lea, currently Economic Adviser and Director of Arbuthnot Banking Group. She was a Governor of the London School of Economics. She will speak on the impact of the Climate Change Act (including the Renewables Directive) on energy prices, manufacturing and business.
    Matt Ridley, author of ‘The Rational Optimist’ will speak on the potential for shale gas.
    After the meeting there followed an open discussion.

    Readers may ask? Was anything achieved. The British Gazette can answer in the affirmative. However, we are unable to venture further, suffice it to say, certain persons were receptive to the facts given to them but given their identity it would be impolitic at the moment to divulge who they were.

    • Peter,

      What a shame Huhne failed to read your article in March 2011, reporting, Understanding the Thermodynamic Atmosphere Effect,
      by, Joseph E. Postma. (M.Sc. Astrophysics, Honours B.Sc. Astronomy).

      The conclusion is short, sweet and should, had Government Ministers,any sense of honour, seen Hune and Spelman off months ago.

      “The conclusion of this article is very simple: there is no such thing as a radiative Theory of the Greenhouse Effect, not in real greenhouses, and certainly not in any planetary atmosphere known to man. The true role of the atmosphere, on Earth, is that it cools the ground, not warms it. Therefore, there is no such thing as Anthropogenic Global Warming or anthropogenic-CO2 induced climate change, because that supposition is based on the false Theory of the Greenhouse Effect. Any monetary expenditure or political debate on this issue can therefore stop. Now. Or, those can exist only in so far as they are directed to eradicate the false science.”

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