• Wind and Wind Turbines: a fire hazard.


    Today many of us have born the brunt of the gales and will have made a point of watched BBC 1’s 6 O’clock news to find out about how everybody has been getting on – with the weather.

    Whilst the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat reported upon Glasgow’s schools being closed and of a 165mph gust in the Cairngorms, they did not report upon a very significant event.

    This was the destruction due to fire of one of the 15 wind turbines (above) at the Ardrossan wind farm in North Ayrshire. The fire was caused directly by the wind for if the wind is over a certain strength the clutching mechanism which keeps the blades from turning in too strong a wind fail, the turbine blades spin over the safe speed and the oil in the gearbox ignites.

    Of course, the British Gazette has reported upon the fire danger inherent in the design of these ridiculous creations in our article Wind Turbines: bonfires-on-a-stick of 4th September, 2010.

    The plain simple facts of the matter are these: onshore wind turbines are not only a very expensive method of generating electricity, they are wholly impractical. The only creations that are more ridiculous are offshore wind turbines. Of which that famous idiot Mr Huhne wants to construct thousands!

    Of course, the BBC are not going to put such a report on the 6 O’clock news. It therefore falls to the British gazette to bring this news to the attention of the British People. Once again, Speaking the Truth unto the Nation.

    • Oh wait my comment is waiting ‘moderation’, meaning it will be read and discarded as it doesn’t follow the same bullshit view point.

    • I fail to see how wind turbines can be considered Monstrosities. They may not be the most attractive things to the MINORITY of people (personally i like them and think they add to the landscape positively) but they are a lot more attractive than big dirty power stations and big stacks of smoke. The chances of a turbine catching fire are very small and turbines are designed to be able to resist vert strong winds. The only way to continue developing new technologies is to work with the ones we have and try to work with there problems, not just bitch about them. Every technology is floored in some way or another, but i believe wind farms are not as floored as the rest. I’m finding it very hard to understand how ‘peter’ managed to get this absolute bullshit article published, but then again this site is full of utter garbage.. And i’m not saying i could do any better , but i would atleast try to see both view points and not go mad because a single turbine blew up! Renewables are the way forward and onshore/offshore windfarms is the leading one in scotland.
      I can’t be the only person that believes wind turbines pros outweigh there cons.. can i?

    • We need to get the Government onside, as well as local councils and others, if we are going to stop these monstrosities being built.

      Are you disillusioned by rising electricity prices, over dependence on the “green” dream [especially uneconomical and inefficient wind farms] and the destruction of our countryside then please register your objection on


      or google”wind petition norfolk” for a quick link.

      Please get your friends to sign up too.

      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

    • Few people realise that wind turbines could be using more free, as in it is is not metered, electricity from the national grid from the grid.to run, than they actually produce and sell back to the grid.

      Unlike other generators, the contraptions cannot run directly from its own output, and are powered, for free.

      Neither manufacturers nor Government can, or won’t say, how much electricity they use.

      We do know the blades have to be heated (no, not by catching fire!)
      The blades have a yaw mechanism to keep them perpendicular to the wind, and then there is the blade pitch controller and lights. The turbine housing (nacelle) has to be heated and dehumidified in periods of high humidity, low windspeeds and low temperatures.

      What we do not know is (a) why they do not have to pay for their electricity, like the rest of us? (b) How, in the name of sanity, can anyone justify building these monstrosities when without knowing their operating costs, cannot possibly know if they are creating more energy than they use?

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