• Treaty? What Treaty?


    “We were offered a treaty that didn’t have proper safeguards for Britain. I decided it was not right to sign that treaty … I decided not to sign that treaty” – David Cameron the so called Prime Minister of the UK.

    Err….. Treaty? What treaty? There was no treaty on the table. There never was going to be a treaty.

    We have just been witness to a performance of smoke and mirrors on the grandest of scales, a monstrously gigantic coup de théâtre.

    Consider this: The writing is on the wall for the Euro. Are they going down the road of a formal treaty which will provoke referenda in Ireland? Remember the crisis of the two Irish Referendums? The Europeans are not stupid. It will take too long. The markets won’t wait!

    It is clear what is going to happen: the changes will be effected though what they will call an “international agreement” which will not require a referendum in any country.

    This is quite a standard procedure internationally due to countries such as the USA. The US Constitution makes it very difficult for the USA to be bound by treaties – deliberately so. The founding fathers were not fools. As a result, US Presidents often conclude what are known as Executive Agreements.

    This is EXACTLY what will happen next in the European Union. The twenty six member states will conclude an “international or executive agreement” and the European Court of Justice will interpret those bits the Europeans want to effect the UK to affect the UK.

    The Europeans will rewrite the rules not only to affect the Eurozone but the entire EU – the UK included.

    Cameron has pulled the wool over the eyes of his fellow Tories. These Tories think they are out of the woods. The British Gazette has to tell them that they are still stuck there right in the middle. That they and the British People have been deceived. Just as they have with the bullshit about CO2 heating up the planet.

    The European Union led by Die Frau Döktor will use the European Court and other institutions that they control to seek to enforce rules and regulations and the Financial Transaction Tax on the City of London in any event. Expect to see the European Union send a huge tax demand to the Chancellor of the Exchequer with the message, Pay Up or Get Out.

    The answer to such a missive is obvious: Get Out.

    Any Tory who thinks Die Frau Döktor will allow the UK to continue in the EU as the only member not subject to the new rules and regulations she will oversee the introduction of is away with the fairies. But there again, they are already in the company of the Liberal Democrats.

    • Is it there any truth in the rumour (I started) that the Euro is to be renamed the Bilderberg?

      This entire squabble is between the Bilderberg members, Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy.

      How will, Cameron, fare with his fellow Parliamentary Bilderbergs, Clegg, Clake, Fox, Osborne, Blair, Brown, Mandleson, Miliband and the rest?

      Why, oh why have English patriots been excliuded from political office?

    • The Liberals have been well and truly stuffed and we are closer to regaining our Sovereignty as we leave the EU. I am quite optimistic this morning!

      It is the unintended consequences that “get you” Mr Cameron!

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