• Game On: the Battle for Britain.


    Above, (click on image for full size) a German picture postcard of Die Lore-Ley – suitably modified of course! Following recent events vis-à-vis the veto, the BBC’s Robert Preston (Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-16133286) is reporting that leading businessmen are worried about Britain being isolated in Europe and lament the absence of British negotiators at the table.

    Be in no doubt, this is the start of the campaign to decide whether the UK remains in the EU or leaves. Angela Merkel knows that there is a very good chance that any campaign to remove the UK from the rule of the EU will fail.

    Readers may not wish to read such pessimism but it would be folly not to analyse the enemy’s plan of attack. Fortunately for us it is clear. The line will be this:

    “Cameron and the Tory Europhobes are prepared to have the UK leave the single market in order to protect the bankers from paying more tax. This will cause the UK to be isolated, foreign investment will dry up and you, Mr/Mrs/Miss worker employed outside the financial service sector and living north of the Watford Gap will loose your job.”

    The cheerleaders they will rely on will not be politicians. Angela Merkel knows that the British People have little faith and even less trust in their politicians. Instead, she will rely on businessmen – British and foreign to voice these fears by signing her siren song.

    So, there we have it: Angela Merkel in the role of Die Lore-Ley (the golden haired siren), perched upon the Lorelei, singing that famous aria, “Schneiden Sie sich nicht weg von Ihren Märkten!” (Do not cut yourselves off from your markets!)

    Be in no doubt, there will be many taken in by the siren’s song. There is a very real danger that the sovereign British state will founder.

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