• Miss Veena Malik: a woman of extraordinary courage.


    Many British Gazette readers will ask, who is Veena Malik? Well, according to her Wikipedia entry:

    “Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress, model and comedienne. Over a span of ten years, she has worked with news channels and in movies, garnering accolades and acclaim for her performances. Veena Malik has since established herself as a leading actress of Urdu cinema. She is also known for her various social causes, most notably as a representative of the World Health Organization.”

    Miss Malik comes to the attention to the British Gazette through the thoughtful attention of one of our readers, Mr Steve Hunt, who has advised us of the YouTube news broadcast above.

    It seems that Miss Malik posed for a revealing set of photographs for FHM magazine and as a consequence has received death threats from certain individuals in Pakistan. It seems that this lady has not been discouraged from returning to Pakistan.

    Miss Malik is an example of women who have shown extraordinary courage to defend civilised values. Miss Malik must know that should she return to Pakistan her life is in grave danger as it is very likely that she will be arrested and charged with blasphemy upon her return. This carries the death penalty. Pakistan is rapidly descending into a Taliban style theocratic despotate. Clearly, she must know this and someone without her enormous courage would take the safe option of remaining in the west.

    This just goes to show how human beings sacrifice themselves to defend freedom and democracy. Although in altogether different circumstances, women such as Odette Churchill, GC. come to mind. One can only stand in awe of such courage and at the same time lament the perfidious traitors such as those who masquerade as the government of this country who owe their existence to such as the late Odette Churchill, GC.

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