• 2012: The Grim Reaper beckons.

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    New Year’s Eve is traditionally the day on which columnists and commentators look forward to the New Year and make predictions. Seldom has the next twelve months looked more foreboding. As the slow motion train crash that is the Eurozone maintains its steady and unwavering course towards the buffers, there are those Eurorealists who are looking forward in anticipation to the restoration of lawful government in this United Kingdom.

    The British Gazette is of the opinion that some of their glee might be slightly misplaced. Whilst it will be undoubtedly A GOOD THING for lawful government to be restored – this organ is of the belief that some of those eager waiting for this event to come about have allowed themselves to become deluded about the pain that all will suffer, and also the timing as the collapse of the Euro will not immediately bring about the restoration – this will be the relief at the end of a very painful period.

    Readers will know that this organ has a photograph at the top of every article. A picture paints a thousand words they say. Today’s photograph might have prompted some scratching of heads. It is a surgeon’s bone saw circa 1850. If in those days one developed gangrene in the foot as a result of say, type two diabetes, the way that one was saved from death in 1850 was the same as today – amputation of the foot. However, in 1850 the chances are that the surgeon would have used an instrument the similar to the above WITHOUT ANAESTHETIC! The thought is horrific is it not?

    The first physician to use diethyl ether as an anaesthetic was the American, Crawford Long, who administered it on 30th March 1842 during a surgical procedure to remove a tumour from a patient. In 1850 however this advanced practice was not universally applied.

    Of course, the nation’s suffering would have been eased with the application of the economic anaesthetic of Gold, had the Treasury purchased gold in the years when the gold price was languishing between US$200 – $300. Instead the “Scottish idiot” Gordon Brown – to quote Mr Clarkson – decided to sell half the nation’s reserves!

    For another comment on the Euro’s prospects we would recall Dr. Samuel Johnson’s wisdom when he said;

    “Depend upon it Sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

    Our Europhile leaders however are praying for a reprieve and a commutation of the sentence. Of course, this presents a problem for a certain Mr Ed Miliband – As an atheist who does he pray to? His brother? Probably not. More likely it will be to Michael Meacher, who is said to be Tony Benn’s representative on Earth.

    • How long before calling a politician an, ‘idiot’, results in an unpublicised arrest, and being sectioned, without representation, and locked away for our own safety?
      The democracy of our country has been stolen, by the political mafia of the New World Order, and a concerted campaign to exterminate the ‘useless eaters’, as defined by them, the old and sick.
      Our hospitals have become death sentences, and home care all but abolished. Once their homes and life savings are exhausted, let them die. Is this the new mantra of an anti-Christian elite?

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