• Devo Max: a canny Scot.


    Never afraid of being politically incorrect, the British Gazette has premeditatedly committed that most heinous of criminal acts: made a racist comment!!!!!! By the use of the phrase, “a canny Scot” – as it said (by such as Harridan Harperson) to stereotype an ethnic group. That the British Gazette is racist by the use of this phrase is of course confirmed by the fact that the writer is a white male and not a black female – which as Diane Abbott knows, makes all the difference.

    The phrase “Devo Max” itself conjures up a mental picture of a DJ in such as Fairfield Working Men’s Club on Crossloan Road in Govan (Glasgow). It refers however to a choice which the canny Scot, Mr Alex Salmond wants to put on the ballot paper to the Scottish People in a referendum on independence. “Devo Max” being an acronym of “Maximum Devolution” the reversal of words being most appropriate for of course the English phrase maximum devolution is of course “décentralisation maximum” in French – the auld alliance.

    The phrase is said to refer to the option that it is generally recognised among politicians that is likely to be most popular amongst the Scottish electorate. The phrase means of course that the maximum level of devolution or décentralisation as the Francophile Scots Nats would say, given to the Scottish Parliament and government.

    Mr Salmond you see is a very sensible and astute politician. Mr Salmond is a man who not only knows his limitations: he also makes it his business to find out the limitations of his opponents. Mr Salmond is also a realist. Being a sensible fellow he is firmly of the opinion it is better to have half a loaf than no loaf at all.

    Of course prominent in Mr Salmond’s mind are the effects of “Dev Max” on the United Kingdom. Were “Devo Max” to be undertaken and no changes were made to the House of Commons insofar as answering the West Lothian question is concerned Mr Salmond is fully aware what the likely consequences would be: that any UK Labour government that Mr Miliband might be asked to form after the next election will have no proper mandate to govern England if the size of its majority is LESS than the aggregate number of Labour MPs representing Scottish and Welsh seats.

    The implications are obvious.

    The first thing to state is that there is a perfectly simple, practical, low cost and “do-able” answer to the West Lothian question. It is this: curtail the voting rights of Scottish and Welsh members of the Commons in direct proportion with the level of devolved competences ceded to Scotland and Wales.

    Of course such a solution is far too simple, elegant and straightforward for the likes of Mr Ed Miliband. Mr Milband’s solution would be that old chestnut – Regional Government. Mr Miliband would wish to foist upon the long suffering people of England the regional assemblies demanded by his masters, the European Union. These assemblies would be full of more highly paid politicians assisted by large numbers of salaried staff drawn from the most politically correct campuses of academia. Of course the level of devolved competences extended to these assemblies will be NOTHING ON THE SCALE as those extended to Scotland or even Wales. Labour would in such circumstances still therefore rule without a proper mandate.

    Rotten boroughs restored to you by a nice Jewish boy from North London.

    • If the Scots are to be given a referendum on leaving the United Kingdom, then the English, the largest tax contributor to the pot, should also be given the chance to say if we wish Scotland to remain ‘united’.

    • Perhaps if we barred from public office all those belonging to organisations engaged in sedition, the Bilderbergs and Fabians, and lawyers, we might possibly end up with an elected Government that wants to serve, rather than rule over us.

      We can but dream.

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