• Olli Rehn: Too late old boy.


    Olli Rehn, European Commissar, sorry Commissioner for economic and monetary affairs has told European leaders that they face a ‘crucial’ three days to save the single currency.

    I am afraid you have left it a bit late old lad!

    Rather than depress our readers further by showing a photograph of Mr Rehn or the Euro currency, we provide you with an archive shot of Miss Racquel Welch posing alluringly surrounded by a real currency.

    Click on the image for full size rendition. Enjoy!

    • I have a plan to save the Euro. It would unfortunately require the expulsion of; Belgium, France and Germany from the EU and installing Czech President Vaclav Klaus as EU President. He stands alone as a honest pro democracy politician.

    • How do we know it’s real money, that could be sacks of stones, pretty much the value of sacks full of euros!

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