• What is source for the goose is clearly not sauce for the gander.

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    The gander in question is Frederick Anderson Goodwin, late of the order of Knights Bachelor. The goose is none other than Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, Princess Royal, Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Lady of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, Dame Grand Cross and Grand Master of the Royal Victorian Order, Dame Grand Cross of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.

    The sauce is the different treatment each have received at the hands of the tawdry little cretins that masquerade as the government of this formerly sovereign country:

    The Princess Royal “has form” – meaning that she’s been in trouble with “the law” on more than one occasion!

    In March 2001, she pleaded guilty to driving at 93 mph on a dual carriageway, while on her way to Hartpury College in Gloucestershire. She was fined £400 by Cheltenham Magistrate’s Court, and had five points added to her driving licence. The following year, she was convicted of an offence under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, after she pleaded guilty to the charge that her dog, Dotty, attacked two boys while she and her husband were taking the dog for a walk in Windsor Great Park. She was fined £500 by Berkshire Magistrates’ Court and ordered to give Dotty more training. Following this conviction she possessed a criminal record.

    By contrast, Fred Goodwin has no criminal convictions whatsoever!

    • As all bankers are fraudsters, creating money from our promisary notes, to repay a loan, out of thin air, they credit to their bank account with that amount of fictional money.
      Then they send the loan agreement with the Promisary Note attached to the Bank of England. It calculates how much interest we will repay over the life of the loan, and deposits that amount and the loan amount into the borrowers bank account.
      The lending bank has lent the borrower nothing, it was their debt that created the cash. Further, under the Fractional Reserve Banking system, the Bank can lend out the amount of the original promissory note a further nine times, plus interest.
      There has been no full disclosure, as required under Contract Law, and no Mutual Consideration (an exchange between the two parties of items considered of equal value).
      The bank cannot produce the accounts that show it has withdrawn the loan amount from its account and transferred it to the borrower’s.
      The loan has cost the bank nothing except the cost of the paperwork and has therefore risked nothing.
      Ninety percent of bank Loans and mortgages fail to comply with Contract Law, they create money from debt, but already both here, Ireland and America, people are cancelling their bank debts, simply by demanding the bank supply proof of full disclosure, and the accounts showing the transfer of cash, when proof is received the borrower states they will repay any money shown to be lawfully owed.
      Thus, removing the banks option of running to the courts, as the amount of debt is not disputed, merely the legality of the contract.

      The Bank collapse is far from over, it has only just begun.

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