• If they’d rather “Go Green” and die they better do it now and decrease the surplus population.


    As even the most ignorant and stupid of Greens should know, water is essential for life. It ranks 2nd behind oxygen (1st) and before food (3rd) in the essential materials to sustain human life.

    Affordable provision of the life sustaining substance, Di-hydrogen Monoxide does not seem to be high on the list priorities so far as a certain Jaymi Heimbuch, Technology Editor of the environmentalist website, TreeHugger is concerned.

    It seems Ms Heimbuch (insert, top left) is terribly concerned about the environmental impacts of a scheme to supply India with large quantities of fresh drinking water from Alaska via a series of specially constructed water tankers – with equipment to keep the water in drinkable condition. This is the idea of an enterprising Texan who has worked out that large quantities of fresh clean drinking water can be shipped over to India at far lower cost than the very expensive desalination techniques or very costly (and slow) infra structure improvements to bring India’s water supply system up to the highest North American or European standards. The Texan businessman’s solution has the following life saving advantages:
    - provision of drinking water can be done quickly and at relatively low cost.
    - there is plenty of spare water in huge under-populated Alaska.

    The good people of India (above) and the people of Alaska think the Texan’s scheme a brilliant idea. These good Indian people also realise that it is not only the quantity of water that is essential, it is also the quality. The good people above are cruelly made aware of the importance of clean drinking water through horrifically high infant mortality rates.

    Who then could be against such an idea you wonder then?

    Well it seems that Ms Heimbuch is very much opposed to the plan. Her campaigning efforts have already brought results with the authorities in Canada adhering to her demands not to do the same. To quote Ms. Heimbuch:

    “……Canada has also had an opportunity of water exports as a potentially profitable industry for years, but recognition of how it could negatively impact the ecosystems of the rivers and lakes from which the water is drawn has stopped forward momentum — let alone the cost in carbon footprints. Just as is the case with energy management, smart water management could spare us from needing to haul water half way across the globe at major environmental expense…..”

    British Gazette comment: “Oh God save us from increasing our carbon footprint, whatever the cost in human life!” Err No… That is Ms. Heimbuch’s view it would seem. Or to paraphrase Scrooge in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol: If they’d rather “Go Green” and die they better do it now and decrease the surplus population.

    • Just a thought, the UN’s anthropogenic global warming con-trick began in Mexico too, during its African Review, too much of a coincidence for me.

    • It has been reported that in Mexico, fifty Indians have committed suicide rather than starve to death. In the midst of a two-year drought, the World Water Council, a quango attempting to seize control of the world’s water supplies, on behalf of the rich are apparently building a huge damn to divert water supplies to rich coastal regions. They are also seeking to set up a militia to enforce their decisions.

      “We’ve been beaten, we’ve been jailed, some of us have even been killed, but we’re not going to give up,” said Marco Suastegui, who marched alongside about 10,000 protesters Thursday outside a convention center where the international Fourth World Water Forum is being held. Suastegui is leading the battle against a dam being built to supply water for the Pacific coastal resort of Acapulco. Opponents fear the dam will dry up the nearby Papagayo River. “We will defend the water of the Papagayo River with our lives, if need be,” Suastegui said.

      The world population reduction program seems to be well under way.

    • Maybe she thinks they can use bottled water like most hippies do

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