• EPR versus AP1000: the result was fixed.

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    Above left is the European Pressurised Water reactor (EPR) – still some way from completion Above right is the second of two AP-1000 reactors under construction in China. Click on the image for a full size rendition. The EPR is a Franco-German reactor, it was designed and developed mainly by Framatome (now Areva NP), Electricité de France (EDF) in France, and Siemens AG in Germany. The AP-1000 is a nedw design based on proven components by Westinghouse a world leader in nuclear power reactors – they make for the United States Navy as well as many US civil power generators.

    The French company, Electricité de France (EDF) is constructing an EPR at Flamanville at Manche on the Cotentin Peninsula. In July 2011, EDF announced that the estimated costs have escalated to €6 billion and that completion of construction is delayed to 2016, construction having commenced in December, 2007. In 2010 EDF announced that costs had increased 50% to € 5 billion (£4.15 billion), and commissioning was delayed by about two years to 2014. In July 2011 EDF announced that the estimated costs have escalated to €6 billion (£4.98 billion) and that completion of construction is delayed to 2016

    By contrast, the Chinese selected Westinghouse Electric Company’s AP-1000 for two units at the Sanmen Nuclear Power Station.
    Site construction for the first two began in February 2008; operation is scheduled for 2013–15. Excavation for the first unit was completed in September 2008. Quality of the pit was certified, putting the project 67 days ahead of schedule. Construction of Sanmen Unit 1 began on April 19, 2009, as the first 5,200 m³ of concrete were poured for the foundation, in a ceremony attended by State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNTPC) chair Wang Binghua and Westinghouse CEO Aris Candris. First concrete for Sanmen 2 was poured on December 15, 2009. The State Nuclear Power Technology Company said that the project was six weeks ahead of schedule. It is meant to begin operation in June 2014. The first pair of reactors will cost more than 40 billion yuan (US$5.88 billion or £3.715 billion).

    So there we have it: The French are spending €6 billion (£4.98 billion) on one reactor whilst the Chinese are spending, let us say US 6 billion (£3.79 billion) on two reactors.

    British Gazette readers will no doubt have seen Cameron and Sarkozy glad handing it on the steps of the Élysée Palace and the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat announce that an agreement has been reached with the French to supply the UK with the next generation of nuclear reactors. Sarkozy has thrown Cameron a small bone – the promise of 1,500 jobs in Rotherham in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

    Now then, here is your question dear reader: Which reactor is The Dear Leader (Cameron) instructing the Office of Nuclear Regulation to authorise? The €6 billion Franco-German EPR or the US $3 billion AP-1000?

    Yes!!!!!! You’ve guessed it! The French!!!! Which is of course precisely why the ORN will be labelling the Westinghouse reactor as not suitable for the UK. This is of course why the ORN’s engineers and scientists dreamed up all those fantastically remote and lunatic scenarios for the unfortunate Westinghouse Electric Company.

    This whole charade has been a con from start to finish. But then, Cameron and his ilk have form. After all they are conning the British People into thinking that they are the lawful government of a sovereign United Kingdom.

    Of course, allowance has to be made for the difference in power output. The EPR will generate 1650 MWe whereas the AP-1000 will generate 70% of this figure, 1154 MWe. Thus the relative cost of the AP-1000s under construction comes out at £5.32 billion for the pair, £2.66 billion each.

    But then, why spend £1.895 billion of the British People’s money on a US designed power station when you can spend £4.98 billion on a French one! And whats more – the people will have to wait even longer for the power it generates!

    • Toshiba have also produced Micro reactors, that do not use rods so cannot overheat, measuring only 20ft x 6ft they are ideal for powering an entire street, or office block. They burn for thirty years and cost half of power taken from the grid.

      If Cameron has ordered the French reactor its time to call a general tax strike.

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