• Mr Tappin: yet another victim of that “Special Relationship.”


    In the top left hand corner of the comical montage above, is the unfortunate Christopher Tappin. (Click on image for full size rendition)

    Mr Tappin is the latest Briton to fall victim to the coterie of quivering, gutless traitors who masquerade as the government of this country.

    Mr Tappin is currently enjoying the austere comforts of a Texas prison having been extradited on the ludicrously one sided US-UK extradition treaty. Theresa May the so called Home Secretary – a woman who guards the sovereignty of this country as much as a stripper guards her modesty – has predictably refused to intervene.

    Mr Tapping’s case is very much a repeat of earlier cases in that he is accused of actions which were not against English Law whilst living in England but which the US Prosecutor has decided is a criminal act in the USA by dint of that prosecutor deeming that US Sovereignty extends to the county of Kent – in England, not Kent County, Texas.

    It is virtually certain that Mr Tappin will plead guilty to the charges that are laid before him. To do otherwise would require either the most enormous courage or recklessness. This is because of the savage discrepancy in sentences that an accused can expect to receive between pleading guilty or pleading not guilty. Most persons charged with an offence in the USA enter into a “plea bargain” – aficionados of US Cop dramas will know this as “…..copping a plea….”

    In Mr Tappin’s case informed sources state that Mr Tappin can expect to be offered the opportunity to plead guilty to a lesser charge and face a prison sentence of 35 months. Were he to plead not guilty to the more serious charge and be found guilty the prison sentence could be 35 years. This would generally mean 17 years 6 months served. Since Mr Tappin is 65 and US Maximum Security Prisons are harsh places this effectively would be a whole of life sentence.

    Another factor that commends itself to a guilty plea is the likelihood of the US Prosecutor agreeing that Mr Tapping can serve his sentence in a British prison – that are far safer and less harsh places than US prisons.

    This of course shows the disgraceful plight this formerly sovereign county has been reduced to by the likes of Theresa May – the utter and complete irony that Mr Tappin will be incarcerated in a English Prison for actions that are not against English Law and for which an English Court is incapable of convicting him (because there has been no breach of English Law)

    The British Gazette has said it before and will say it again: If you hand the government of your country over to a foreign power, what do you expect?

    • And yet we cannot send the creep back to Jordan. Gutless!

    • The extradition of Mr Tapping, was unlawful, a criminal abduction.

      Teresa I-May-do-as-I-like, because I am Home Secretary, Clueless Cameron, and the Nottingham Nincompoop, Kenneth Clarke know full well, that it is High Treason to allow any country power over us, and denying, Mr Tapping, his lawful right to state his case before a tribunal of his peers, is a criminal offence.

      I am sending, Teresa May, an order to extradite, Al Gore, George Soros, James Hanson, and James Mann, to Britain, to face trial for criminal deception, in respect of, anthropogenic global warming. I shall await her response, with interest.

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