• John Trenchard: a commentary on our times?

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    John Trenchard (top left hand corner), writing about the folly and corruption of the country’s politicians following the South Sea bubble in the pamphlet, Cato’s Letters on the 12th November 1720:

    ……….That we are fallen, is a sorrowful Truth, not only visible in every Face which you meet, but in the Destruction of our Trade, the Glory and Riches of our Nation, and the Livelihood of the Poor.
    The Resurrection of Honesty and Industry can never be hoped for, while this Sort of Vermin is suffered to crawl about, tainting our Air, and putting every thing out of Course; subsisting by Lies, and practicing vile Tricks, low in their Nature, and mischievous in their Consequences.
    That a Multitude of Families are ruined, and suddenly sunk from plentiful Circumstances to abject Poverty, is affecting and lamentable; though perhaps all owing to their own rash Confidence in the Management of known Knaves: That innocent Children, born, as they imagined, to fair Fortunes, and brought up accordingly, must now want Bread, or beg it, is a Catastrophe that must pierce every tender Heart, and produce Pity and Tears …….

    British Gazette comment: Wonderful stuff! We cannot begin to match this man’s eloquence. One wonders what he would make of the traitors masquerading as the government today? At least Aislabie, Blunt and Harley had not handed the country over to the governance of a foreign power! Unlike Cameron, Clegg and Miliband!

    • They act in treason because the police and judiciary are bought and paid for, yet a few brave souls are removing themselves from Government control by serving notice upon them and claiming lawful estoppel.

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