• Freedom Denied.


    The above video was published on You Tube yesterday. Today 1st May 2012 is May Day. The time that the ordinary man and woman celebrate their emancipation. That is of course if they have been emancipated. We ordinary Britons however of course are denied emancipation in many ways. Out nation is ruled by a foreign power. The inability to elect a sovereign government that is a very big lack of emancipation. Another clear lack of emancipation is our inability to acquire firearms. This of course is a natural outcome of the traitors having handed the government over to foreign rule.

    The British Gazette has brought this particular video to it’s Reader’s attention for as our American friend states in his commentary, this is the rifle that in the hands of British and Commonwealth servicemen defeated Hitler. If we ordinary Britons wish to have a go firing one of these rifles we will have to travel to our friend in the USA for the privilege that for Americans is a right.

    It is to be noted that the British shooting team at the forthcoming Olympics have to practise outside the UK as the law does not allow them to do so in the UK. The law is to be temporarily changed for the duration of the Olympics.

    We are very touched by our American friend’s kind comment at the base of the video: “One of the most awesome rifles ever made. A well trained rifleman’s best friend. God bless our English neighbors who fought and died in WW2.”
    Thank you and God Bless the United States of America.

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