• The Right Honourable Lord Smith of Finsbury: a right idiot.


    Lord Smith of Finsbury – AKA “Chris Smith” – is the head of the Environment Agency. It is the opinion of Lord Smith that the vast reserves of shale gas under the County of Lancashire should only be used to generate electricity if all the CO2 produced thereby is pumped underground.

    This technology of course has already been declared as ludicrously impractical and unaffordable by all competent mining engineers.

    That Lord Smith’s nonsensical idea has not received the derision that it deserves by the corrupt and incompetent politicians and their civil servants demonstrates how completely this formerly sovereign land has been taken over by felons whose dishonesty and treason are only exceeded in size by their arrogance.

    So far as the labelling Lord Smith an idiot is concerned, the British Gazette is on very sure ground. You see, there are two possibilities: That Lord Smith genuinely believes that human produced CO2 is an environmental threat. If this is so, he is obviously an idiot. However, if Lord Smith is fully aware that his statements are nonsense and is making them in order to allow him and his friends to make their fortunes by participating in the fraud that is the “Carbon Con”, then he is an idiot as this fraud eventually will be discovered and those behind it eventually arrested, charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned.

    To illustrate the idiocy of Lord Smith’s claim that human produced CO2 is somehow a threat, let us demonstrate:

    If one imagines a length of the Earth’s atmosphere being one statute mile (1,760 yards). Of this, 1,372 yards 2 feet and 5 inches is nitrogen, 369 yards 1 foot and 10 inches is oxygen, 17 yards 1 foot and 10 inches is water vapour (the largest greenhouse gas), 2 feet is carbon dioxide of which 64 thousands of an inch is produced by we humans (that is all humans – including those in China, India and the USA)!

    As we have said, the Right Honourable Lord Smith of Finsbury is a right idiot.

    • Jack,
      We can but live in hope!

    • Jo,

      Don’t expect Smith and his ilk to be prosecuted in this country. The Carbon Con is international and it is likely going to be the USA where the prosecutions start. We have already seen how the arm of US Justice is long and reaches across the Atlantic to haul Britons before US Courts and into US Jails. Expect people like Smith to suffer this fate.


    • When the ‘Carbon Con’ fraudsters are finally found out, are you sure they will be arrested, charged, convicted and imprisoned? With all the traitors living off the fat of the land will they too not be involved in this scam and as always, ensure that they all look out for each others backs?

    • There’s nothing honourable about this shower, or the showers that proceeded them.

      We are being deliberately and dishonestly being forced into fuel poverty.

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