• Lord Howe of Aberavon: A Leopard does not change it’s spots (especially when they are in millimetres!)


    As Sir Geoffrey Howe, he was one of that select number of Arch-Traitors that was responsible for handing the government of this formerly sovereign nation over to a foreign power. This in breach of his Oath as a Privy Councillor, in breach of his Oath as a Member of Parliament, and also in breach of his Oath as a Queens Council – so that is THREE counts of PERJURY and not ONE. He also conspired to cause the monarch to govern in a peculiar manner by causing her to breach her Coronation Oath of 2nd June 1953 pursuant to the Coronation Oath Act of the same year. That of course is HIGH TREASON.

    It should therefore come as no surprise to British Gazette readers that this unrepentant traitor has suggested that the country’s customary weights and measures – the Imperial system – is ditched in time for the Olympics.

    Today’s Daily Telegraph quotes him as saying: “Weights and measures are in a mess. Litres for petrol and fizzy drinks, pints for beer and milk, metres and kilometres for athletics and the Ordnance Survey, miles per gallon for cars, the metric system for school, still pounds and ounces for the market. This muddle does matter. It increases cost, confuses shoppers, leads to serious misunderstandings, causes accidents, confuses our children’s education and, quite bluntly, puts us all to shame.”

    The short and sharp rebuff to Howe’s ridiculous assertions can be delivered in one word: Bullshit. However, we will expand upon this:

    Geoffrey Howe is Welsh. He was born in Port Talbot in Neath. As a Lieutenant with the Royal Corps of Signals in East Africa, he learnt Swahili and spoke to Africans telling them to avoid Communism and remain loyal to “Bwana Kingy George” – King George VI. It is of course to noted that he did not take his own advice.

    The point of this little bit of biographical information is clear. Howe’s statement about metrication suggests confusion in the minds of the people. That it is somehow too great a strain upon their mental faculties to be taught two systems of weights and measures.

    Does this means that Howe is of the opinion that the children at the Glan-Y-Mor Primary School in Severn Cres, Port Talbot should not be taught Welsh and should only be taught English to avoid confusion?

    Would he say that to the regulars of the Red Dragon pub on Moorland Road some 500 yards from the school?

    We don’t think so!

    Of course, the reasons Howe gives are LIES. Nonsensical lies of course. The plain simple facts are these: Familiarity with Imperial Weights and Measures is something that the British people have that is distinct from other Europeans. The Europhile traitors don’t like this and want to see the end of this aspect of the British cultural heritage. That possession of such familiarity benefits British industry and gives them a competitive advantage over German industry is of course something that Howe is quite prepared to surrender just in the same way he was quite prepared to surrender British sovereignty to the EU.

    For those readers interested in supporting the retention of our customary weights and measures, please support and join the British Weights & Measures Association.

    Their website is at: http://www.bwmaonline.com/

    • Excellent response ‘feature’ letter from Vivian Linacre of British Weights & Measures Association in Daily Mail of 18th May.

    • We should note that illiteracy in our schools increased as a direct result of the metrification of our currency. Before then we had to be able to add, multiply and subtract, just to spend our pocket money.
      We had to know, 240 pennies were worth a pound, so were two ten shilling notes, eight half-crowns, ten florins, twenty shilling coins, 40 sixpences, 80 threepenny pieces,, four-hundred and eighty half-pennys and nine-hundred and sixty farthings,

      Restricting the answers to mental arithmetic to ten was the work of traitors, such as Howe. They deliberately dumbed down our kids.

    • A shorter version of this has appeared in today’s Daily Mail, I have sent them a suitable response!

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