• Eurovision 2012: Victory. But whose?


    Above is the official Eurovision YouTube video featuring the 2012 Swedish winner. Of course, British Gazette readers will know that the Eurovision song contest is one of the vehicles the those planning a European superstate set up with the aim of trying to help build up a European identity amongst the peoples of Europe. It is also a well known fact that politics heavily influences the vote which of course is a hard thing for a performer to accept – that their artistry and talent they bring to their performance on stage can be disregarded utterly.

    This year, realising that victory was in fact something of a poison chalice to the debt burdened members of the EU, it was anticipated that Engelbert Humperdinck might win it for the UK. Happily, for us hard pressed British taxpayers, Engelbert came second from last. The UK will therefore not have to stage Eurovision 2013. Sweden’s over burdened taxpayers however will.

    Who however, was the real victor of Eurovison 2012? The British Gazette would suggest that Her late Majesty, Queen Victoria, who lest we forget was also Her Imperial Majesty, Victoria, Empress of India, can be said to be in the running.

    We hear you expostulate, “Excuse me, Mr. Editor, you have clearly taken complete leave of your senses!!!! How can a dead woman win a song contest?”

    We would respectfully suggest Dear Reader that you look and listen to the above video. The winning entry was performed by a lady of North African ancestry, sung in English and with the accompaniment of a male dancer who was clearly of sub Saharan African ethnicity. This for a Nordic nation state with its own distinct language and culture. This type of entry is not what many of the originators of the political Eurovision song contest had in mind. They felt that it would be a sort of a musical showcase and parade of Europe’s different cultures.

    What the Swedish winning entry shows is the ascendancy not only of the English language but also of the Anglo-Saxon inspired global free market. The late Queen Empress was the monarch of the largest Empire the world has ever seen. It was truly global in scale. It was the Empire on which the sun never set. There was always some part of Her Majesty’s realms on which the sun was shining.

    Of course, no Empire lasts forever but the principals that caused the British Empire to become what it did still exist today. What we see today is the English language established as the lingua franca of the world. We also see another Anglo-Saxon creation, the capitalist free market established across the world as the recognised method of wealth generation.

    However, we also see something else: an openness and a willingness to accept those of other races, other faiths and other cultures and make them part of the whole. This of course was not something that was and is universally accepted or applauded. There are indeed severe problems and consequences if (as in the case of the present timorous and politically correct traitors that are masquerading as the UK’s government) the multi-cultural, multi faith society is not governed with sound judgement and principals. These treasonous cowards should of course resist the siren voices coming from those espousing the Equalities Agenda and realise that most non Christian non Anglo-Saxons who come to the UK are wishing to escape from the religious, cultural or ethic intolerance of their own lands and that the failure of these treasonous cowards failure to stand up and argue for traditional British values, culture and standards – it is these traditional things that speak of Britain and comprise the traditional identity of Britain – that many who seek to come to the UK want to see maintained. The last thing these people want are the authorities taking notice of self appointed “community leaders” demanding such as Sharia Law. This is something that many are seeking to escape from! The politicians should not be afraid of being politically incorrect and even being labled “racist.” The UK should retain its traditional values that has Protestant Christianity at its core. In fact it would be a quite a reliable guide that they were doing the right thing were they to be labelled such by those wishing to transform the UK into an alien land.

    It would also be in the very great interests of the new arrivals – and many who have been here for years – for the authorities to abandon the hugely expensive obsession of translating offical documents and welfare forms into languages other than English. Anybody coming to the UK must understand that a working knowlwdge of English is essential. At the moment it is not. Getting rid of the translation industry will save money and help people. – it is called being cruel to be kind.

    The most important reform however would be to get rid of thee anti-discrimination legislation and of course the Equalities Commission. These things actually are part of the problem not part of the solution. They inculcate a sense of victimhood in ethnic and other minorities giving them a comfortable reason to explain way setbacks and personal failings. The existance of the state funded quango actually discourages and frightens many employers from employing non Anglo-Saxons.

    British Gazette readers will know of course that Queen Victoria was ahead of her time and her courtiers in her acceptance of her non Anglo-Saxon Christian subjects. The high regard she held her courtier Hafiz Mohammed Abdul Karim CIE, CVO (1863–1909) known as “the Munshi” was a matter of controversy and dismay amongst her court. Queen Victoria saw herself as monarch of ALL her subjects wherever they were, in whatever particular realm, of whatever particular ethnicity, of whatever particular language group, of whatever particular faith. This did not of course mean that Queen Victoria did not properly uphold her Coronation Oath – not that she was ever faced with a government comprised of traitors that called upon her to do so!

    Queen Victoria (who learnt, spoke and wrote Urdu) knew full well that the diversity of talent in her Empire was one of its strengths and not one of its weaknesses. It was the preparedness to seek opportunities across the globe and to invest there that laid the foundations of what we see today. Yes, British Gazette readers will point out that it was the twentieth century ascendancy of the USA that established English as the world’s lingua franca. But as visiting US Presidents are always keen to point out, the USA is a product of English (later British) expansion.

    British Gazette readers will of course be aware of the truism that all Empires contain within themselves the seeds of their own destruction. This was true of Queen Victoria’s Empire. It is also true of the present European Empire, the European Union – which will have lasted for a far shorter time that the British Empire. It is also a truism that all frauds – if persisted with – will be discovered and their perpetrators arrested, charged, tried, convicted and punished. This will happen to all those promoting and profiting from the great global warming/climate change/CO2 scam just as it happened to those behind the South Sea bubble in 1721.

    What Loreen’s (Lorine Zineb Noka Talhaoui – her parents are Berbers from Morocco) victory demonstrates however is that it is the open-mindedness vision of the late Queen Empress that is the true winner.

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