• There ‘aint nothing Inuit!


    Above is the delightful Malaya Qaunirq Chapman. Miss Chapman who is a model from Iqaluit, Nunavut has used her celebrity status (in Canada) to try and bring attention to the life, and troubles, of her fellow Inuit peoples in Arctic wilderness she calls home. Those readers of the British Gazette who – like the Editor – have travelled far and wide may agree with the Editor’s opinion that the colder (= harsher) living conditions of the people, the warmer are their hearts. Be in now doubt; that amongst one of the harshest environments planet Earth has to offer these are a warm and generous people who will welcome and help strangers.

    According to the Brussels Brainwashing Commissariat however, Miss Chapman appears to be near the top of their endangered species list! British Gazette readers will of course treat anything the BBC says with the greatest level of suspicion.

    You see, Miss Chapman’s great error – according to the BBC and Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund – is in her (and her friends and family) consumption of whale meat. Whales of course form the staple diet of the Inuit people and has been so ever since Miss Chapman’s ancestors in the dim and very distant past crossed over from Asia and decided to settle in the far north of the Arctic circle.

    According to these “experts” whale meant – especially their liver and their kidneys – contain large amounts of mercury. In fact these “experts” state that one ingestion (that is a single serving for such as you and me) contains enough toxic mercury to cause brain damage and horrific birth defects in the children of women who eat such meat when pregnant.

    For the FACTS about Mercury in seafood, GOTO: http://www.mercuryfacts.org/

    Clearly – whatever your views on the issue of human consumption of whale meat – this is a very serious claim. So seriously did the Canadian authorities take it that they urged that no whale meat should be consumed. Naturally, when told by “experts” that their staple food was toxic the local people stopped eating it. This caused great hardship for food flown into places like Iqaluit in Nunavut is incredibly expensive. After a few months of hardship some Inuits went back to eating their staple food – they could no longer afford to feed their children on the flown in food – with no ill effects.

    It seems that these so called “experts” have been misrepresenting the facts. The levels of mercury recorded in whale meat is it seems far lower than the levels that would be required to cause health problems. Then there is the question of how the mercury ended up in the whales in the first place. Here again, British Gazette readers will not be surprised to learn that the BBC has been misrepresenting the facts again!

    Let us start with what we (the British Gazette) and such as the BBC, Greenpeace and the WWF agree on:

    Yes, we do agree with these “experts” that mercury is present in whale meat

    We also agree on how the mercury gets into the whales. Whales are known as “top predators” – “top predators” are at the top of the food chain. This means that they eat other creatures – who have in turn eaten other creatures and that no other creatures (with the notable exception of Miss Chapman, her family and friends) eat them. You see, many whales fed on plankton. Others feed on fish and squid. The fish and squid have themselves eaten other smaller creatures – who in turn &C. You get the picture……

    Now let us turn to where the BBC, Greenpeace and WWF go down the path into La La land! You see, they would have you believe that all these dreadfully large and dangerous levels of mercury – and other heavy metals such as cadmium and arsenic – have been dumped into the oceans (via rivers) from those dreadful industrial processes that give so many people jobs.

    Err… No.

    Where then does the mercury – and cadmium and arsenic – come from we hear you ask?

    The answer is Dear Reader: volcanic eruptions – that take place frequently – at the bottom of the oceans. These (and other) heavy metals in large quantities are spewed out with great violence and settle on the ocean bottom. They are then ingested by small life forms which are preyed upon, which in turn are preyed upon…. You get the picture.

    By now you will all have twigged the big lie!

    That is unless you are an unfortunate such as Mr Ed Miliband.

    Yes! Volcanoes have been strutting their violent stuff since before life was formed on the Earth. And yes, top predators such as whales have been ingesting mercury – and cadmium – and arsenic – for as long as they have been around. That is millions of years Mr Miliband.

    Of course we all know what Mr Milband’s reaction will be: to fret about the “historic” heavy metal pollution caused by all those electroplating workshops that were set up by the dinosaurs all that time ago! He will probably want to put forward an early day motion in Parliament. It will of course receive the enthusiastic backing of the equally moronic Mr Clegg!

    • The biggest cause of heavy metal contamination by mecury and aluminium in humans is via vaccination.

      However, it is interesting to note that the climate change chancers have resorted to spraying micro-particles of aluminium ito the atmosphere, According to such eminent scientists such as Bill Gates, they will reflect the heat of the sun away from Earth.
      Unfortunately, what goes up eventually comes down and soon reports of aluminium contamination of our food and water supplies will emerge.

      These fools have decided that poisoning the planet is the way forward. send in the straightjackets.

    • I don’t see any reference to the mercury used to fill millions of teeth, or is that a different kind of poison?

    • Despite the global warming theory flaws so frequently exposed here, energetic problems that arise from pursuit of sustainable energy without use of atomic reactors, that are often highlighted, and notwithstanding the fact that people such as Peter Rogers, might consider us who believe in “green ways” brainwashed, I have to admit that I am of this sentiment.

      However, realistic views that are a mark of British Gazette are very good at, if I may, shifting priorities. After all, there are more serious problems even within the scope of ecology, than the officially addressed.

      If the Editor would kindly cover the defense implications of energetics, this will be very, very much appreciated.

      Best Regards,

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