• The EU Military Staff – aka the Imperial General Staff?


    Above is a video presented by Lieutenant-General A.G.D. (Ton) Van Osch, the Director-General of the EU’s Military Staff. Of course what this really is – given the suzerainty imposed on the EU’s member states by the Treaty of Lisbon is the Imperial General Staff of the European Union. Properly, the Lieutenant-General should really be given the four star rank of General and made a Knight Grand Cross Military William Order (he is Dutch). The British Gazette will leave the explanation of the EU Military Staff’s role in the capable hands of Lieutenant-General Van Osch. Below are the coat of arms of the EU. Oh, and what was the Arch Traitor Heath saying about no transfer of sovereignty? Oh…. A pig just flew past my window!

    • This Dutchman is perfectly right to be deluded – it goes with membership of the European Union. I write as a former serving soldier of No 40 Commando, Royal Marines.

      His delusion is most sharply defined by the acknowledged lack of an efficient command structure. A command structure that does not operate within the confines of a common language, does not operate a commonality of weapons and is supported by a ‘nine to five’ health and safety and social welfare philosophy.

      The British are the only present members of the EU who can offer any realistic military cutting edge and even that, is under assault from the practitioners of political fudge.

      One aspect of this nonsensical video is the illustration of a badge which closely resembles the hallowed WW2 badge of the Combined Services. What an impudence !

      John Green

    • Please tell me this is not happening Peter!

      I much preferred seeing this truth…….


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