• A rose by any other name?


    The latest junket for greenies, the Rio+20 “conference” on “saving the planet” has ended with the greenies furious that the agreement reached was “so weak to be worthless.”

    Good. Anything other than completely worthless would have been an unmitigated disaster.

    The head of Greenpeace International said the NGO is moving to a “war footing” after negotiators at the Rio+20 sustainable development conference watered down proposals to protect the world’s oceans.

    Kumil Naidoo, Greenpeace International’s executive director, said there were so many fudges in the draft agreement that Greenpeace now had no other option but to change its strategy and start planning waves of civil disobedience. When asked if he was prepared to die for the cause, he responded: “Yes. I feel a very deep sense of that.”

    What is interesting about his comment and his use of the term “war footing” however is that it illustrates how “green loaded” the authorities (the Police and Crown Prosecution Service) are nowadays. A very good method of ascertaining the level of bias against one or more groups within a society is to perform a transposition.

    Transpositions are thought experiments which anyone can do. We will do one now:

    The gentleman on the left is Mr Kumi Naidoo, the aforementioned head of Greenpeace International. The gentleman on the right is of course Mr Nick Griffin of the BNP.

    Now let us imagine that Mr Griffin had used the phrase “war-footing” in relation to say, the government’s acceptance of its inability to limit immigrants from EU countries coming to the UK. What would be the outcome?

    Every British Gazette reader will know EXACTLY what would be the outcome: Police officers would arrive early in the morning on the day following Mr Griffin making such a statement and arrest him. He would then be brought before the magistrate the next day and would probably be remanded into custody.

    Every British Gazette reader will know EXACTLY what will be the outcome of Mr Naidoo’s statement: NOTHING.

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