• Flying pig sighted over Holland!


    A flying pig was sighted by a Dutchman, Joris Van Osbornë. The pig, was photographed as it began to cross the Ijsselmeer as it flew over the A6 at a point 3 miles north west of Swifterbank. It is believed that the pig was en-route to Oslo in Norway after setting off from Luxembourg.

    Today’s Daly Mail reports on Page 28:
    [Quote begins] Britain will be spared a swingeing new tax on City transactions as European leaders confirmed they will press ahead with plans for a single currency super-state. Eurozone leaders vowed to plough on with the Robin Hood tax plans alone yesterday as they declared that a Brussels summit next week will be a ‘defining moment’ in EU history. Nine countries yesterday vowed to impose new taxes on financial deals – which Britain thinks will cripple economic growth – but demands for all 27 EU nations to be included were dropped. George Osborne attended a separate summit of EU finance ministers in Luxembourg where nine countries agreed to press ahead with the financial transactions tax. A Treasury spokesman said: ‘A lot of eurozone countries want to go on their own. That’s up to them but we think it would be damaging.’ Mrs Merkel said: ‘We can imagine introducing a financial transaction tax in our countries’, while French president Francois Hollande confirmed he wanted to introduce the tax ‘as quickly as possible’. [Quote ends]The photograph of an ebullient George Osborne above appears to suggest that he might be of the opinion that he has secured an “opt out” for the City of London from a financial transaction tax. If this is the case he is of course deluded. Be in no doubt, the European Court of Justice or some other EU institution will find a way of levying the tax upon British based financial institutions. If George Osborne seriously believes that Frau Doktor Merkel and President Francois Hollande are going to meekly sit on their hands whilst huge amounts of business and jobs are exported from Frankfurt and Paris to London, he is not only deluded but dangerously so.

    British Gazette readers know full well that as the civil servants and law drafters in Europe put the mechanism of the Financial Transaction Tax in place they will do so in such a way that the “opt out” that George Osborne claims to have secured is as genuine as the image at the top of this article.

    • Why do we need a referendum? We are not subject to any EU Laws or taxes, that’s High Treason, and certainly unenforceable.

      Why else would the arc traitor, Tony Blair, have abolished the Death Penalty, and set a three year deadline for prosecutions. Fortunately, he was advised by his idiot ex-boss, and does not realise that anything traitors instigate are as invalid as all the EU Treaties.

    • How many more ‘defining moments in EU history’ are we to be promised, when at every turn the EU screw is simply tightened a bit more to ensure we do not escape any of their lunatic machinations?
      Loved the picture, but are you sure the pig wan’t Danish and escaping from becoming rashers?

    • I suspect that George Osborne knows what I think I know!!! Do you not agree that he has been talking up the idea of a referendum recently??

      He knows, as does the author of this article, that they will never let us stand outside of this tax.

      I feel the end game has just taken a giant leap toward the finish line. The ridiculous Liberal-Dems split the coalition as they defend the Euro nonsense and the Conservatives are backed into an “in/out” referendum.

      I support the Financial Transaction Tax for the federalists over the water!

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