• The past speaks truth in the present.


    For today’s delectation Dear Reader, the British Gazette once again sends you running to the medicine cabinet for the blood pressure pills! The reason? Well, last night I listened to the recording of BBC2’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard II – The Hollow Crown. Apart from some politically correct casting, it was a very good production. Of particularly poignancy was John of Gaunt’s “England” speech (Act 2 Scene 1) performed by Patrick Stewart – particularly when Gaunt laments that England has been “…..leased out…..” and “……bound by rotten parchment bonds……”. Of course, British Gazette readers will draw parallels with England’s present lamentable position with her sovereignty leased out to the European Union having been bound by the parchment of such as the Treaty of Rome and the Treaty of Lisbon. Above is another earlier version, from a 1978 TV broadcast performed by Sir John Gielgud. We are sure you will agree that Gielgud’s rendition is at the same time magnificent and (in relation to England’s present state) so very true and as such thoroughly depressing.

    • Long grass, long grass, long grass…. whoops, is it November 2014 already? Oh well.

    • Never mind, hasn’t Cameron said he’s thinking of allowing us a referendum to commit, High Treason, by voting whether or not to allow EU rule over Britain, in 2015.

      Perhaps you should remind him that on 1st November 2014 the Lisbon and Nice treaties QMV kick in, and he loses the power to offer any such thing,

      ‘Withdrawal of a member state (New) – Lisbon: QMV’

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