• Two ladies: Two tragedies.


    Above is the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse) who was murdered along with her four daughters, young son and husband on the orders of Lenin in 1918.

    A significant factor that led up to these murders was contained in a family tragedy. It is well known now that the young Tsesarevich was afflicted by haemophilia and that a strange wandering peasant monk called Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin appeared to be able to help the young prince in his aliment. What is less commonly known was that Rasputin was a rouge and with her husband away commanding his forces, the Empress virtually delegated the government of Russia over to Rasputin. This in fact helped bring the revolution about.

    Haemophilia is a very cruel disease as it not only causes the victim to suffer but also their family. Mothers can often be consumed by guilt. This was certainly the case in the Empress’s case. A natural piety and tendency towards mysticism caused the Empress to believe that Rasputin had been sent by God.

    What is in no doubt – contrary to the libellous suggestions made by the Bolsheviks and others – was that the Empress was a well intentioned, upright and highly moral woman who sought only the best for her family and her adopted country. Her actions of course led to disaster.

    Another country, the UK is also being led to disaster through the actions of another well intentioned and morally upright lady: Bryony, Baroness Worthington (below) who drafted much of the Climate Change Act. This act promises to wreck the economy and wreck peoples’ lives through a misguided and lunatic belief in the supposed danger being posed by CO2.

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