• Mr Christopher Knowles: A man who will end up with a great deal of money. My money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Above is a Mr Christopher Knowles who will eventually end up with me (via my Council Tax) paying him a lot of money.


    Because Mr Knowles who had worked in the school governor support team in the children’s services department at Leeds City Council has been sacked after he had been exposed by a national newspaper as an EDL supporter and prominent contributor to numerous websites.

    Herewith part of the correspondence between the council and Mr Knowles:

    “….The council has received allegations that you may have engaged in political activities, which could be viewed as improper activities for an employee of the council to be engaging in, and contrary to the councils values and equal opportunities policies.

    “….The investigation into allegations that you have engaged in political activities, which could be viewed as improper activities for an employee of the council to be engaging in, has been completed. You are required to attend a meeting….”

    “The council has concluded that your behaviours and values are so different from the council’s values, that this is a fundamental breach of your employment contract.”

    British Gazette comment: As a Leeds Council Tax payer it is my council services that will be cut to pay the thousands upon thousands of £ it is going to cost Leeds City Council for its action. This is because Mr Knowles is taking action against his former employer. His Employment Tribunal hearing is on 13th March 2013 and if he does not succeed he will likely take his case through the English Courts (High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court) and if not successful to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. This court has already ruled in favour of a former bus driver a Mr Redfearn sacked for being a member of the BNP. Please note the council will not only have to pay Mr Knowles compensation, they will have to pay his legal costs as well as their own. So all this money is wasted on what is an open and shut case of trampling on some one’s human rights.

    • This should hardly come as a surprise to anyone, PC and thought control has become a part of our lives whether we like it or not. The real problem for us is that these incompetent Councillors will not be footing the bill when this man wins his case for daring to support an organization they disapprove of. Were they required to fund such an action from their own pockets, it would never happen.
      Don’t you just love their assertion that they have such a thing as EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES and PROPER ACTIVITIES, just so long as you agree with what we expect of you.
      I note in an article of the UK Column (website of that name), a quote from June 2007 by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano that; “those who are anti-EU are terrorists”. Also in 2007, Wolfgang Schauble, Germany’s present Federal Minister of Finance declared, “the presumption of innocence should not be applied to terrorist suspects and that preventative assassinations should be made legal”.
      Don’t say you haven’t been warned these raving Marxists don’t care about anything but their own version of how our world should be run, the EU is now looking worse than the USSR ever was.

    • Since when did a council bearuocracy have ‘values’? Has it morphed into a living creature with a soul and morals?

      How did it decide these? And are they constantly changing?

      It’s almost as sinister as Slippery-mc-Cameron telling the remnants of the Church of England to ‘get with the programme’; either a Nazi or Communist quote I cannot remember which.

      The fiends will be putting up metrick roadsigns next.

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