• How to shoot oneself in the foot: Comply with requests without thinking.


    Over the past couple of days we have been witness to one of the most staggering displays of incompetence in office in recent times. The incompetent in question is our dearly beloved Foreign Secretary, the unfortunate Mr William Hague. The incompetence the British Gazette refers to is Mr Hague’s veiled threats vis-à-vis the suspension of the diplomatic status enjoyed by the Ecuadorian embassy in relation to Mr Julian Assange.

    When we heard this news we were staggered! Even by contemporary standards of idiocy in public office this is worthy of special criticism. How much alcohol had Mr Hague imbibed earlier we wonder? It is well known that drunkenness can and often cause the mouth to be engaged before brain. Should we conclude that this was the case in Mr Hague’s case?

    This is of course due to the very obvious fact that if one embassy’s status is violated it gives other nations the excuse to do similar. This is of course why the Libyans were allowed to get away with the murder of WPC Fletcher in the 1980s. Such decisions are painful but vital as they protect our own embassies in troubled areas.

    We can of course conclude that Mr Hague was completely sober when he made is idiotic statement. His reason for making the statement was of course to comply with the wishes of the USA who wish to lay their hands on Mr Assange. Why the USA has decided to follow the tortuous route of asking the Swedes to extradite him to Sweden is anyone’s guess. It is of course possible that the Swedes are not acting in the USA’s interest but are genuinely pursuing Mr Assange for the serious allegations that have been made and that these allegations hold water. Whatever the facts surrounding Mr Assange, it does not make Mr Hague’s veiled threat any less damaging to this country’s interests. Be in no doubt, by even suggesting that diplomatic status be suspended, Mr Hague has seriously compromised this country’s interests. Were he ever so stupid to ask his Cabinet colleague Theresa May the Home Secretary to order in the Metropolitan Police into the embassy to arrest Mr Hague, and were she and Cameron so stupid to act on the request, then truly the British People have a government of made up donkeys.

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