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    The news that the energy firm SSE, which trades as Scottish Hydro, Swalec and Southern Electric, will increase its domestic gas and electricity prices by an average of 9% from 15 October will come as unpleasant but not unexpected news to British Gazette readers.

    The company blames the increase on two groups of factors: the cost of financing the various green frauds such as wind turbines and photo-voltaic cash machines that are installed upon the roofs of the well to do middle class. It also blames the wholesale price of natural gas, some of which is supplied from the North Sea gas fields with the rest supplied from Russia and the dearly beloved Vladimir Putin.

    These price increases of course are entirely avoidable. Not only should wind turbines and the roof top cash machines should have the subsidies removed IMMEDIATELY – special retrospective legislation should be introduced along with the repeal of the Climate Change Act to make the fraudsters pay back their ill-gotten gains – but the exploitation of the UK’s huge reserves of shale gas should be undertaken without undue delay. We have seen how energy bills have dropped in the USA due to the substitution of expensive natural gas with the cheaper shale gas.

    Along with these reforms the British Gazette would urge the government to take control of the UK’s energy supply industry by taking control of and merging the various privatised utilities. Note: the British Gazette states control. We do not believe the government should nationalise the various companies for the following reasons:
    - the country is in dire straits financially and cannot afford to spend billions on buying out the private and corporate shareholders.
    - there is no need to purchase the shares in order to take control. What the British Gazette proposes is special legislation to allow the government to purchase a small proportion of the ordinary voting shares in each energy company – we suggest 5% – and that the remaining 95% ordinary voting shares be converted to non voting preference shares. The companies should then be merged and run in the national interest. Trades Union please note: This does not mean a employment protection service for the idle and work-shy!

    Of course, repeal of the Climate Change Act, the abandonment of government support for the CO2 fraud and the monopolisation under government control of the UK’s energy sector will require the UK to reacquire its sovereign autonomy which means leaving the European Union and restoring lawful government: this means following the requirements laid down in the 1688/1689 Declaration/Bill of Rights, all Privy Councillors henceforth obeying their Oaths of Office and to put in place a government that allows the Queen to comply with her Coronation Oath. In other words: lawful constitutional government.

    Of course, the case has to be argued politically and campaigned for. At the moment those campaigning against the CO2 scam and EU membership are confined in the main to UKIP, the BNP and some other small parties. These parties serve a purpose but one that is not understood by all of their members. Some members of these parties enthusiastically believe in the delusion that they could win a substantial numbers of parliamentary seats at a general election. This of course is a fantasy. The First Past the Post system will not allow this. True, the Green Party did have Caroline Lucas elected to Westminster but this was only with the huge resources of the BBC at their disposal.

    British Gazette readers will know the phrase, “The politics of Britain are forged in the crucibles of the big battalions …..” What the minor parties do is to contribute to the direction of politics in the UK. The “green” policies pursued by the two main parties are entirely due to the campaigning by and influence of the Green Party and other organisations such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. UKIP and the BNP too have had an influence. In the case of UKIP, some Tories are becoming more argumentative over Europe. In the case of the BNP, the authorities have finally become emboldened about the issue of the “grooming” by some sections of the UK’s population of some vulnerable teenage girls.

    The British Gazette is of the opinion that the UK’s political debate needs to be refocused. UKIP’s headline policy is the UK’s membership of the EU. The BNP’s headline policies are immigration and the multiculturalism agenda. The British Gazette feels that a refocusing of the debate is necessary for the following reason:
    - a basic tenant of any strategy against an opponent is to seek to take the initiative and to seek to achieve the control of the battle. Anyone who has passed out of RMC Sandhurst will know this – the importance of fighting the battle where and when you want and not have this dictated by the enemy.

    An examination of the way the politically correct Europhile establishment tackle the BNP and UKIP is instructive. They malign the BNP by denouncing them as intolerant bigots. They seek to avoid arguing the issues the BNP raise at all costs, confining themselves to the most general of platitudes in support of “diversity.” UKIP is tackled by declaring that for the UK to leave the EU would be economically disastrous.

    The British Gazette feels that the time has come to regroup and reorganise the fight. It believes that a new political party should be set up called the Carbon Party. To that effect the Editor acquired the domain name, carbonparty.org.uk some time ago. It has not been used but is awaiting transfer to the new party when and if it is set up.

    The Carbon Party should be the opposite and antithesis of the Green Party. It should seek to be diametrically opposed to the Green Party of most of the core issues. It should seek to take control of the debate by arguing that any increase in CO2 is a good thing and not a bad thing. That economic growth is good as is the development of such as shale gas. Of course, the Greens and the greenies in the two main parties would retort that the “overwhelming scientific consensus” supports the green agenda and that the Carbon Party is composed of eccentrics and malevolent persons in the pay of “big oil.” The Carbon Party should prepare facts and figures in its defence. The British Gazette believes that the Carbon Party should be left of centre rather than right of centre. The policy of taking control of the UK’s energy sector is a classic left wing policy that would find favour with those in the Socialist Workers Party. Indeed, the British Gazette suggests that the UK’s rail network and the numerous train operating companies should be taken under government control using the same method. It goes further and suggests that bus companies should be taken under government control and an integrated public transport policy should be adopted.

    The British Gazette is of the opinion that many people living in the more impoverished areas of the UK would find the Carbon Party’s platform an attractive one. This is because it is the poor who are most adversely affected by Green policies. It should be explained to them how many well to do middle class people paying tax at the higher 40% rate, are raking in guaranteed high tax free returns by spending thousands of pounds having photo-voltaic panels installed upon their roofs and that the money comes from the higher electricity bills these poor people have to pay. It should be explained to them how many rich landowners are making millions from the construction of useless wind turbines and that again, these poor people are paying for this.

    Any reader interesting in setting up the Carbon Party should contact the British Gazette.

    • Peter, have you shifted or was my earlier perception incorrect?

      Either state of affairs is not necessarily a bad thing, to change a view is not necessarily a sign a weakness.

      I ask because I thought that we had agreed in the past that political parties are ineffective?

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