• Shock news……. The British Gazette’s editor has been diagnosed with psychiatric condition MI


    I have always known that I am what we call in the West Riding of Yorkshire, a barmpot!
    Now I know what the particular mental illness I am suffering from is called. It is called “Motivated Inference” or “MI” to use the politically correct abbreviation.
    It appears that the climate change brigade have come to the conclusion that those of us who have been labelled “climate change deniers” are suffering from a clinical psychiatric condition they call Motivated Inference. They explain that MI is not just “simple-minded wishful thinking” but is in fact an unreasoning emotion-based belief systems of clinical proportions that lead us to refuse to believe what we are being told by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC.
    This of course is wonderful news. Since the Editor of this organ – along with You, Dear Reader, who also suffer from the same debilitating psychiatric condition – can presumably now apply for Invalidity Benefit as we are all suffering from a mental illness and need help and financial assistance – from that hard pressed tax payer! This of course is entirely reasonable as it equates us with all those well off climate change campaigners who are seeking to save Planet Earth by high tax free returns from the photo-voltaic panels – AKA “solar powered automatic teller machines” – installed upon their roofs.

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