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    One of the amusing productions BBC TV put out this year was the comedy, “Twenty Twelve.” This was an amusing satire about a group of well intentioned but incompetent team of people, most of whom were all extremely politically correct and extremely “green”, addressing with great seriousness issues surrounding sustainability and CO2 reduction. In particular, one of the characters played by the actor Hugh Bonneville was often to be seen cycling to work and fully kitted out with cycle helmet and so forth. To reduce his “carbon footprint” and thus save Planet Earth from otherwise imminent destruction you understand…..

    What is most remarkable is that the government minister in charge of the Olympics and now the Paralympics is a certain Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt PC MP, who glories under the title of “Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport.” If they were looking for a character for the role, “Central Casting” could do no better than Mr Hunt. Like Hugh Bonneville’s character, Ian Fletcher, Head of Deliverance of the Olympic Deliverance Commission he sets off from his home on his bicycle looking like a cherubic schoolboy.

    Of course, there was a time in this country’s history when cabinet ministers did not preside over departments of state with Orwellian sounding titles and were men with gravitas and bore the obvious authority of a statesman. Not any more. But then the country has been reduced to being a mere province of the European Union.

    Were this humiliating state of affairs not enough there appears to be a nasty mean spirited aura around the Paralympics. This concerns the acquisition of tickets by or on behalf of disabled people who wish to attend the games as spectators.

    Until recently, tickets for disabled persons could only be purchased online. However, to assist with the individual and particular needs of the disabled, a special phone sales department was se up. This of course was a helpful and praiseworthy development. However, it was spoilt by the use of an 0844 line, causing those who telephoned it to run up considerable phone bills. Many telephone users nowadays have opted for one of the numerous package deals offered by the numerous telephone service providers that provide “free calls” to landlines (numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03) – this being part of a monthly fee. Calls to 0844 numbers are not only charged at 5 pence (one shilling) a minute but there is invariably a “connection charge” as well.

    Mr Hunt is seems has seen fit to defend this nasty mean spirited state of affairs.

    • Well said BG, a very mean spirited state of affairs, surely there is a national number that could be found to allow people with telephone deals to make free calls? Or is this phone line yet another agreement that will ensure the company concerned makes serious profits that like the other ‘big names’, had an agreement not to pay tax on the profits they make?
      The mere fact of having a disability flags up a limited income, time some of the corporate packages were reduced and the benefits given to the families of these courageous Olympians.

    • And of course from field telephones (mobiles) the calls are about 10/- (50 pees) a minute; more likely to be used by the disabled as they cannot rush to the place where a cordless phone is languishing, or to the fixed phone.

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