• Emily Maitlis on Doing right and fearing nothing (As long as you can keep your well paid job whilst doing it!)


    Emily Maitlis was awarded an honorary doctorate from Sheffield Hallam University recently for her achievements in the world of journalism, at a ceremony held at Sheffield City Hall.
    Emily was brought up in Sheffield and both her parents still live in the city. Despite having spent many years living abroad and in London, she regularly visits Sheffield and relished the opportunity to relive memories of concerts she attended at City Hall as a teenager.
    She was honoured for a distinguished broadcasting career in which she has reported on some of the most significant news events in recent times. From the handover of Hong Kong in 1997 to reporting live for the BBC on the US elections in 2012, Emily has travelled the world in search of the stories which make the headlines.
    She told fellow graduating students: “I’d offer you one bit of advice as I stand here today, something that has been fundamental to my job and to who I am as a person. Don’t be scared to think differently to those around you, question accepted wisdom, question herd mentality, fear too much consensus.”
    She added: “A huge thank you to Sheffield Hallam for this honour, it means a great deal and I’d like to thank my parents here today, who have encouraged me to be intellectually brave, curious and unafraid to speak out.
    “They taught me how to relish learning and how to appreciate wisdom and I believe that is why I’m standing here today. I remain eternally grateful to them.”

    British Gazette comment: Since Emily is a Yorkshire lass, Emily will know that we have a saying in the West Riding: “Fine words butter no parsnips.” Doubtless there will be British Gazette readers who will also lay claim to this little bit of wisdom. So allow us to quote Emily’s old school motto. King Edward VII School (KES) is the secondary school in Sheffield Emily attended. Its motto is; “fac recte, nil time” (Do right, fear nothing)

    Of course, if Emily really did begin to challenge Glow Bull Warning, she would not have much future at the British Broadcasters of Cods-wallop!

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