• The New Year’s Honours: not as bad as was feared but still a study in cowardice.


    In our article of the 21st August, “The Capriciousness Stakes”, we commented upon the degree of award inflation” that would take place insofar as the UK’s Olympic gold medal winners was concerned.

    Well, it was better than we expected with such as Miss Nicola Adams receiving an MBE. Miss Adams may well in a private moment could be forgiven a rueful thought perhaps that her fellow West Riding sportswoman, Miss Jessica Ennis will be receiving a CBE – two steps up. Both these excellent young women have won one gold medal each. Then we have the example of Miss Laura Trott. Miss Trott readers will recall is a young lady who has overcome ill health – something that burdens her still – to become a double Olympic gold meal winner. This indeed is a remarkable achievement and is testimony to Miss Trott’s courage and determination. Miss Trott however has been awarded an OBE.

    Miss Trott, like Miss Adams may have private thoughts about this state of affairs.

    The Honours List of course is not just about the UK’s Olympians. There are a large number of recipients across the nation who have been honoured. If Miss Trott is feeling somewhat underwhelmed, we would seek to offer her some cheer as she could well look to the none appearance – for the umpteenth time – of Professor Colin Blakemore, Ph.D., FRS, FMedSci, HonFSB, HonFRCP. This distinguished gentleman of science and medicine has of course spent his working life trying to see that those such as Miss Laura Trott can have their aliments cured. This of course requires testing on animals and that is of course Professor Blakemore’s problem and the reason why this gentleman has not – and probably will not – receive the knighthood that should by rights be his.

    Of course the politicians and civil servants are to a person (the term “man” is of course politically incorrect) are cowards. They are willing to allow the professor to continue his studies in this country as they hope the country will profit from this. They are however fearful of animal rights extremists and their supporters and fellow travellers condemning them were they to allow the knighthood.

    The British Gazette therefore would say to Professor Blakemore this: Sir, you are a man who has throughout his life shown determination and courage to achieve what you have achieved. Your loved ones will know this well and you can at least bask in the knowledge of this. But understand this Sir: The leaders of this country do not have your courage. They are in fact, cowards. They are also perjurers and traitors. So please Sir, console yourself with this: Consider a burglar. Do you expect a burglar to act in the manner of an honest man when he is not burgling? No of course you don’t! Nor should you expect a man like Cameron to act in a proper and honourable manner.

    • After posting the above, spotted on the (dis)Honours list, Cherie Blair CBE! What rank hypocrisy from a rabid Republican who has shown her contempt of the Monarchy. Does she know that the BE stands for British Empire? I would have thought she’d choke on such words, but then she must come from the same stables as the Kinnock’s and Prescott’s, who could not wait to abolish the House of Lords until they were given a seat in that hallowed place.
      No wonder politicians are held in such contempt.

    • Welcome back BG.
      Unfortunately for all concerned the Honours system is now so discredited as to be more a disHonours system, since Blair in particular made it a policy of rewarding those really undeserving of high recognition.
      Cameron has shown himself to be hardly any different in too many ways to inspire little but contempt.
      The problem began with giving sportsmen and women Knighthoods & Damehoods; after that, where could they go from there?

    • Ahh, the British Gazette is back on line! We’ve missed you Peter.

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