• Philip Gordon: By his words shall ye know him.


    Above is Doctor Philip H. “Phil” Gordon, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the US State Department.

    The British Gazette is extremely grateful to Doctor Gordon for his comments on the UK’s relationship with the EU. Comments that have an honest candour about them. Something of course which is consistently missing from the treasonous coterie of perjurers that masquerades as the government of this formerly sovereign power.

    Doctor Gordon has become increasingly concerned of late about the UK remaining in the EU. He stated: “We value a strong UK voice in a strong European Union….” AND “We have a growing relationship with the EU as an institution, which has an increasing voice in the world, and we want to see a strong British voice in that EU. That is in America’s interests. We welcome an outward-looking EU with Britain in it…..”

    On the prospect of a referendum on EU membership, Dr Jordan stated: “Countries which hold referendums tend to look inwards”. He continued “We welcome an outward looking European Union with Britain in it. We benefit when the EU is unified, speaking with a single voice and focused on our shared interests around the world and in Europe. The more the European Union is focused on its internal debates, the less it’s able to be our unified partner abroad.”

    Dr Gordon insists that the US will be damaged if Britain did pull out. He stated: “The EU in particular is such a critical partner for the United States on all of these global issues and therefore we also value a strong UK voice in that European Union. Britain has been such a special partner of the United States – that shares our values, shares our interests, and has significant resources to bring to the table. More than most others, its voice within the European Union is essential and critical to the United States. So there are a lot of inevitably technical and detailed issues that have to be sorted out for every member of the European Union as it moves forward, but as a broad and general theme, we value a strong UK voice in a strong European Union.”

    Dr. Gordon went on to state: “Britain is an important player in the world and it’s certainly a longstanding and important friend of the United States and it always will be. At the same time, we have a growing relationship with the European Union as an institution which has a growing voice in the world and we want to see a strong British voice in that European Union. That is in the American interest. What’s in the British interest is for the British people and the British Government to decide.”

    British Gazette comment: Well, Dear Reader, there you have it!!! Note those of Dr. Gordon’s words we have highlighted in bold. It is in the interests of the USA that Ministers of the Crown PERJURE themselves and commit TREASON as by having the UK as a member of the EU helps add an “Anglo Saxon” voice at the table. No matter that this seat at the table costs the British Taxpayer billions of £ a year. No matter that the Queen’s government is castrated. No matter that Her Majesty is placed in breach of HER MOST SOLEMN OATH to Govern this Land in accordance with Our Laws and Customs.

    But then, as Dr. Gordon makes clear: “What’s in the British interest is for the British People and the British Government to decide.”

    It is of course within the interests of all sovereign states that those who govern such states are not traitors and perjurers in the employ of another sovereign state.

    Would Dr. Gordon commit treason and perjury against the USA? Of course not! He is however quite happy if David Cameron, Nicholas Clegg and Ed Miliband do so however – as long as the interests of the USA are served by these felonies.

    • What he fails to appreciate is that the EU sees itself as ranged against America. eg.a private comment made by Francois Mitterrand towards the end of his life: “France does not know it, but we are at war with America. Yes, a permanent war, an economic war, a war without death.”

      There is a liberal-leftish fantasy that the EU is a social-democratic utopia that will save us from American capitalism. (New Statesman)

      Though few will say it, there is an increasingly visible undercurrent of anti-Americanism in the EU’s leadership, particularly France”. (Casper Weinberger)

    • It’s good to know that we are considered to be of such use to the USA no matter what our suffering has and continues to be. As the CIA was involved in the very first treasonous moves to have us duped into this
      European Soviet Union, we should not be surprised that they continue their theme of self preservation.
      May I suggest that BG readers check out the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, they will find that because of Traitor Heath’s fraud and deception of forcing us into the EU, according to the above Convention, we can leave unilaterally and cease all payments, NOW.
      We are doubly duped and ill served by those prepared to commit treason on a grand scale over decades, ask the people? If they do, that in itself is treason.

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