• Who wants an early Christmas?


    Turkeys unless they are called Euro-sceptic Tories do not ordinarily vote for an early Christmas. By calling for a referendum of the UK’s membership of the European Union these Tories are however doing precisely this.

    Readers will already have observed the tremendous hoo-hah of scare stories being generated by the Europhiles more than a week in advance of a speech Cameron has yet to make.

    There are three fundamental problems with the holding of a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

    1. It is illegal: that is because it invites the British People (by suggesting that the country remain in the EU) to agree to an already unlawful act: namely the government of this formerly sovereign nation by a foreign power. The only lawful question in such a referendum is this:

    “The United Kingdom is currently unlawfully governed by a Foreign Power – the European Union – should those who have aided and abetted in this be prosecuted upon this country’s withdrawal from the European Union?”

    2. We – those of us who want to see the UK restored to lawful sovereign government outside the EU – would not win such a referendum. Fifty percent of the voters are more than likely to vote for continued membership of the EU: not because they like the country being governed by a foreign power but because they will have been convinced by the scare stories. Furthermore, consider the opposing campaigns: On the Europhile side you will see the vast centre ground establishment figures supported by large numbers of prominent business people, academics and foreign diplomats. On the Eurorealist side you will have Nigel Farage joined by such luminaries as Nicholas Griffin of the BNP and Arthur Scargill of the Socialist Labour Party.

    3. Were by some miracle the vote was won and the British People did vote for withdrawal, there would be the colossal problem of extricating ourselves from the European Union. This is because ever since the UK has being a member of the European Single Market, we have no longer being a member of the World Trade Organisation. The European Union has taken our seat. Re-establishing the necessary civil service infrastructure could not be done overnight and could not be done without the co-operation of the EU – which means of course, co-operation from the French.

    Having read this you, Dear Reader may well be feeling somewhat depressed. Cheer up however. There is a silver lining to this very dark cloud. Readers will no doubt be pointing out to the Editor that 2013 has arrived and the Euro still exists – despite our ponderings that we could not see the Euro lasting beyond 2012.

    Although the British Gazette has been proved wrong in the timing, the death of the Eurozone is inevitable. It cannot be sustained. Furthermore, the longer the Eurozone survives – which means the mountain of debt – the worse the crash will be. What we are seeing now is the snowball of debt has been continually pushed down the mountainside and the snowball is growing to monumental proportions. Not only are the economies of the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) in a hole, Italy is now vulnerable and France is now threatened.

    Imagine, Dear Reader a game of musical chairs. The longer the game continues and the more chairs are removed, the greater the number of players will end up on the floor. What this means is this: the longer the Euro survives, the more violent will be its eventual collapse. This will likely mean that the only Eurozone country left standing will be Germany. That means the end of the European Union.

    The financial, economic and geo-political consequences of such a violent collapse will be dire. The UK will be very badly affected. Do not doubt that. But think on this: think of those thousands of brave patriotic young men who gave their tomorrows for out todays on the Somme. They fell to secure the Sovereign Integrity of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland. The result of this violent collapse will likely be a restoration of this Sovereign Integrity.

    God Save the Queen.

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