• Méfiez-vous la difference: Unlike leopards, politicians do change their spots – eventually.


    The latest “communication” between US President Obama and the man masquerading as the head of Her Majesty’s government has seen a flurry of statements seeking to tell the British People that which is not the case: that the US administration is not getting annoyed with the Tories for raising the spectre of exiting the EU or having a referendum to that effect.

    Obviously disingenuous statements such as “The White House has said the President was setting out the importance of a strong outward looking Europe with a strong Britain at the heart of it and that’s exactly our view as well.” This is from someone called “the Prime Minister’s spokesman.”

    Clearly the US President has been reading the riot act to his underling Cameron: that if he [Cameron] still wants to parade on the world stage as the leader of a country with a permanent seat on the US Security Council and to continue to possess nuclear weapons, he will abandon any attempt to withdraw the UK from the EU.

    The prospect of leaving the EU presents the British People with a huge problem: almost none of the establishment figures – the mainstream politicians, the senior civil servants, the bulk of the judiciary – who have since 1973 had unlawfully implemented EU law over English and Scottish law – have the courage to leave the EU. Cameron is only making waves because of the fundamental dilemma that has faced the Tory party since 1973 – that many of the Tory party’s activists do not like the idea of handing the government of the county over to a foreign power.

    The only motivation that forces a coward into a course of action is fear. In the Europhiles case, it will be the fear of loosing everything. This will come about.

    The year that sees the centenary of the start of the Great War, will see a huge influx of economic migrants from Bulgaria and Rumania. Any attempt to limit the costs of the taxpayer of these people using the NHS will be ruled unlawful by the courts. This huge influx will put an intolerable strain on the public services – in a time of economic distress. The result will be much anger from British voters.

    Then we can look forward to the eventual collapse of the Eurozone and inter alia, the European Union.

    These catastrophic events will be the force that will turn these turncoats into “reformed characters.” The one thing you can count on with such luminaries as Cameron, Clegg and Miliband is that they will ALWAYS perform a volte-face change when faced with overwhelming force. But that force has to be overwhelming and from outside. The one sacred principle that these treasonous perjurers hold most dear is that of putting their own interests – which means their survival – first.

    Remember: everything comes to he who waits.

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