• Trans-European Railways PLC? Any investors?

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    In today’s Daily Telegraph, the excellent Christopher Booker effectively reveals that the £33 billion plus High Speed rail project is a hangover from Jacques Delors schemes for the integration of Europe. One was to give it a single currency. The other, just as ambitious, was his plan for Trans-European Networks (TENs), designed to integrate all Europe’s transport and communications systems. These would not be funded directly by the EU; instead, the member states would construct their own bits according to an overall plan.

    Our dearly beloved David Cameron – the man masquerading as the Prime Minister of a supposedly independent state – has of course declared his support for this scheme which as Mr Booker declares is a tremendously expensive project and questions the economic viability of it. Mr Cameron – a man who has already declared that he will be campaigning with all his heart and soul for this country to remain a suzerain state within the European Union – is of course very happy to invest the taxes of the British People in this ludicrous project.

    Let us however reflect on how this country built the first railways. Was it a great government project financed by the tax payer? No of course not! The railways were funded by private enterprise!!!!!

    The British Gazette therefore puts this suggestion to Mr Cameron – a man who declares himself to be a Conservative – and therefore we assume to be a supporter of capitalism: If the High Speed rail project is going to be such a money spinner why not encourage the setting up of a PLC – it could be called Trans-European Railways PLC, or if he is less ambitious, High Speed Railways PLC. Then offer the shares to the public.

    Of course, there is cross party support – by that we mean the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour parties – for the HS2 project. We therefore put this suggestion to Mr Ed Miliband – a man who declares himself to be a member of the Labour Party and therefore we assume a man who concerns himself with the welfare of those in our country who are not well off and who struggle with their everyday finances.

    Mr Miliband, you will see that the image at the head of this article shows two forms of transport. One is the Pagani Huayra (pronounced why-rah), an Italian mid-engined sports car costing over £800,000! The other is a form of transport most British People are acquainted with: a bus. What we are asking Mr Miliband is this: Who do YOU think should finance the high speed railway? Those who can afford the Pagani Huayra or those who cannot afford a car at all and have to use the bus?

    We of course already know which group Mr Cameron and his sidekick Justine Greening should pay: bus passengers through their taxes. Which group do YOU think should pay? Pagani Huayra owners perhaps?

    We would suggest to Mr Miliband that many of the investors may be Germans as Germany industry is going to be the chief beneficiary as the new rolling stock is going to be built there.

    • BG readers may be interested to view pictures of the vast tracts of beautiful countryside being devastated for HS2 in France, on the Ironies Too website. It also explains that this route can already be flown by plane in 1/10 of the time and at 1/100 of the expected cost of this means of transport, now causing the unwanted and unwarranted desecration of the land.
      In the Daily Mail today is an article entitled; ‘France is totally bankrupt, jobs minister admits’ but like us, not so bankrupt as to prevent them spending money on any mad and useless project the EU demands.

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