• Too late. Far too late. Time has run out.

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    Above is the unfortunate Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change who in reaction to the Cumbria council’s rejection a deep storage facility for spent nuclear fuel was quoted by the Financial Times as saying: “I am confident that the programme to manage radioactive waste safely will ultimately be successful, and that the decisions made in Cumbria [on Wednesday] will not undermine prospects for new nuclear power stations.”

    Oh Dear! Mr Davey is clearly living in La La land! But then British Gazette readers already know this about Mr Davey!

    Let us spell out some facts for the unfortunate minister:

    - Nuclear power is a VERY long term investment and has to be tackled in an ordered and methodical manner. “It will be alright on the night” may be a philosophy that works if you are putting on a farce at the “Old Vic’” or in Mr Davey’s case, the Palace of Westminster, but where nuclear power is concerned, one really has to have one’s ducks in a row beforehand! What to do with the waste product its all important. Which is why the green movement have put so much effort into seeing that Cumbria council reached the decision it did.

    - Time has run out. Mr Davey may be wandering under the delusion that time might be running out, he even poor man may be deluded to such a degree that he feels that there is still time. Time that is to avert the lights going out in the not too far distant future.

    Well Mr Davey, the British Gazette can tell you that the dilly dallying that you and your colleagues and your predecessors have been indulging in has resulted in a situation where you will not be able to build sufficient new power generating capacity that will be able to make up the shortfall that will result from the closure of much of the existing plant. Of course, some of your colleagues in the Tory Party might be wandering under a delusion of their own. This will be that somehow, at the last minute, they can call a halt to the programme of closures demanded by the European Union – due to the perceived need to reduce the emissions of CO2 – and carry on generating. There is a problem with this: the operators of these plants have for some time have had these plants on a reduced care and maintenance regime for some time and any sudden last minute continuation would require a partial or total shut down for considerable investment, which could not be undertaken at a drop of a hat.

    - Of course, Mr Davey and his colleagues are wandering under another delusion, about the actual power their idiotic wind turbines generate. They generate less than a fifth of what Mr Davey thinks they generate.

    British Gazette readers may wonder is there any hope for Mr Davey? Will he see sense?

    The British Gazette considers that the great English novelist and satirist of the 19th century, William Makepeace Thackeray had it right about such as Mr Davey with his famous question:
    “How can you make a fool perceive that he is a fool? Such a personage can no more see his own folly than he can see his own ears.”

    • Someone had better get a move on very soon as our ‘alternative’ technology is not going too well!. A fine picture in the paper today of a wind turbine on its side in Devon. Only £250,000 of technolgy scuppered by 50 mile an hour winds that caused its motor to burn out before it crashed to the ground. Will this useless machine be replaced and at what cost to the rest of us?
      Something I have yet to see an answer to is, what volume of CO2 emissions is expended on the constuction, transportation and erection of just one of these turbines. I suspect I may never get an answer, because emissions such as these don’t count in the scheme of fleecing the poor benighted British Public who are made to pay for it.

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